Tuesday, March 29, 2005

day 2 and 3 in one

Well day 2 was pretty uneventfull as far as poker went. I only played one $110 sit and go-went out 4th (money starts at 3rd) but while sitting at the bar I felt a tap on the shoulder, it was Mark Bannin (Prince Charles). We had a chat and a wonder, then ran into Peta Costa and Pete (The Bandit) Evans.

OMG, what a top bloke!! This is one of the reasons I love the poker scene. There is me (a nobody on the poker circuit) and there is Pete , a seasoned pro, and we spent all night chatting and drinking (was all Pete's fault, it must of taken neally 2 hours to leave the casino that morning, kept stopping at the bars on the way for "one for the road". He had so many stories to tell, had me in stiches all night. Top Bloke, and Pete, if you are reading this, I hope your friend is well, and hopefully we can meet up again.

Day 3 was also uneventfull. I had planned on doing nothing as it is the day before the big comp. But I found myself drawn to the poker room. The only things happening were sit and go satelites for the big event and cash games. I watched the 50 100 no limit game for a while- wow!! Scary, there was on average $30k infront of the players. The biggest pot I saw was for just over $50k.

I decided to have a go at the $3 $5 n/l table. Sat down with $500 and this soon turned into $700. So $200 profit in less than 30 minutes, and I was gonna get up and walk away, but played a few more hands. I found myself on the BB with 6 7 o/s. First position made it $20 to play which was called in 3 spots. So with $88 already in the pot, I decided to call the extra $15. Then came the flop : Ah 7d 7s.

Holy shit!! I thought :). And checked. First position then bet $20, which was called by the other 3 so I called (now $203 in the pot.

The turn came Qh. SO with 2 hearts now on board, it was a little scary, but I decided to bet $50. All folded apart from this guy in last position who called. (so now $303 in the pot)

Then came the river : 6h - what a dream card!! It made a flush possibility with me holding the FH (I could be beaten by Q7 or A7) - I decided to bet strongly at this point and made it $150. The guy in last position announced "Raise" "another $150. So now $750 in the pot and i sat for a while, didnt put him on Q7 or even A7 so I put him on the flush, probably the nut flush. I announced all in (he had about $200 left) and he called, quickly flipped his cards over and announced "Nut Flush" and proceeded to reach for the pot (now $1150+) at which point I flipped over my 7 8 and showed the FH.

A few hands later I left with just under $1300 - not bad for an hours work. :)

No more poker today or even drinking - early night (well 12.30) ready for tomorrow.


Blogger North Star said...

As I said ~ something spectacular ~ very , very nice ........... so good I read it twice ...... lol

10:56 AM  
Blogger North Star said...

btw , what were you "wonder"ing with Prince Charles ? Let me guess ....... "why is he marrying an old battleaxe next week ?" ..... lol

11:02 AM  

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