Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Tornament Day 1

Well I sat down at table 53 seat 3 with no stars on my table, now maybe that was good, maybe that was a bad thing. To be honest I am not sure. My table was a good mixture of players. There was one woman who was only playing premium hands but couldnt put them down no matter what came out on the board - Here is one example. She was BB and I was on the button. Everyone folded to me so i raised 3xBB (BB was 200 at the time) SB folded and she called. Flop came all junk low cards. She bets 400 and I call. Then the turn came an Ace, she checks and I bet 1000. And she called. So now I think she may have an ace. River came Q and she ckecks again, now I know she wont laydown her hand, and I made nothing I have to check as well. She turns over JJ. SHe went out by level 4 I think.

Anyway, back to the day. We started with 10000 chips with an 80 minute clock, blinds of 25 50. I fold the first hand. Next hand I am big blind and get to see the flop for free. I have 8 6 off. FLop comes K 8 2. 3 players in, first position, the SB and me.

1st position bets 100. SB folds and I call.

Turn comes Q, 1st position checks and so do I.

Then the river comes a 6. 1st position bets 200 and I just call. Show my 2 pair and take my first pot.

From there I only went below 10,000 twice.

Still on the first level (late) I managed to get to 12,500. Again on the big blind with 5 limpers, I look down and see Pocket Kings. This was the first "real" hand I had and raised it to 300 to play (7xBB) and get one caller.

Flop came 3 3 2.

I bet 500 and he calls.

Turn came 10. And I again bet 500 and he calls. So now I put him on a pair - probably Jacks.

River came a Q. I decide to check and he makes it 1500 to play. I sit and think for a while and decide to call. He turns over A 3 off suit!!! I couldnt ever put him on that hand - he called 7xBB raise with A3.

This then seem to set the trend for the table, with some crazy plays - people calling with junk.

With a small win, I find myself back to 11,000 and get invloved with the same guy who had the A3 - he was down to 9800 at the time (Blinds now 50 100). I am on the button and all folds round to this guy who raises it to 700. All fold to me UTG again and I have AK off. I decide just to call. SB folds and BB folds. So we are heads up.

Flop comes A K 2 (with the A and 2 suited) He bets 1000 and I call, after a bit of play acting :)

Turn then comes 10 (same suit as the A and 2) and he bets another 1000 - I decide to call.

Then the River comes another K (again same suit as the A,k,10 and 2). He checks and I bet 2500. He goes all in immediately. Now the only hands I can loose against are AA and QJ of the same suit. So I call.

He turns over J of the same suit, shit I think, then turns over another J

I show the FH and he goes out.

From there I found pocket Aces and pocket Kings twice!! But both in first position. And as I had been playing tight, found it hard to limp so all 4 times I raised it 4 x BB but got no action.

No cards for a while, and I am down to 16,500. Then this happened. I am BB and all fold round to SB (Blinds now 200 400) SB has around 7000. He makes a 2 x BB raise I look down and find pocket 10's. I think of putting him all in there and then, but decided to flat call. Any high card on the flop and I fold.

Flop comes 9 2 5. He bets another 1200 and I decide to set him all in. He calls in a flash and shows pocket Aces. Ooops now I am down to under 10K once again.

Managed to fight my way back to 15k when I found AK clubs in the big blind with 4 limpers. I decide just to check.

Flop comes 7 8 9 clubs !!!!!

All check to this guy (who was crazy, but catching cards) He had around 40,000 chips. He bets 3000, now I sit and think for a bit, and go all in.

He thinks, so now I know he doesnt have the straight flush. But in the end he calls. Flips over 10 J (no clubs) and I show my AK clubs.

Nice pot there and I am on 30K.

Only one level to go before we finish for the night and I decide not to get involved with any more pots and finished the day on 27,400.

Just 2 more things worth mentioning - Phil Helmuith went out with pok Q's against A Q o/s - He went all in preflop for 8000 and this guy with AQ o/s called him - Hit Ace on the flop - DID HE MOAN!!! I think the whole Casino heard him. Also the Unibomber busted out when he needed a 6 or 7 on the turn/river to survive - but he was as mad as ever, jumping around screaming for a 6 7 in his usual mad way, it didnt come and he shook the guys hand and left, with a smile - wot contrasting personalities.

Well I will post update of day 2 as soon as possible


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