Thursday, March 31, 2005

Tournament day 2

Well I started the day in 53rd position out of 100. I had 27,400 with blinds starting at 400 800 with 100 ante's.

Didnt see many hands for 3 levels and had 3 large stacks on my table, so stealing was too risky.

Got down to 22k and found AK in 1st position, I had been VERY tight (or at least it appeared that way lol) so I raised it minimum. Then this guy who was calling with ANYthing (he was a small stack approx 13k) He re raised me all in. NOw I knew I had him beat and I called in a flash.

He turned over AQ. Flop came all low, turn came low then the river came,,,,,, yep a Q.

That left me with 9k which with blinds at 800 1600 and 200 ante's wasnt enough and I didnt recover.

I am gutted to go out 44th, but at least I have no regrets on any hands i played - No mistakes as far as I am concerned, which is unusual for me cos I normally make some kind of stupid mistake. If only I could play to this standard online. :(

Many thanks for all your support, meant alot to me, just sorry I couldnt make that final tabele.

Also a special mention to Mark (Prince Charles) Bannin and Peta Costa who were both brilliant to me in Reno.

M3 signing off from Reno - hope u enjoyed the read


Blogger North Star said...

Very Unlucky Paul ~ I feel bad enough when it happens in a VC MTT so can only imagine how you felt when the Q was dealt !
Still , a fantastic experience for you ~ one which you'll look back on wit happy memories in the years to come ........ so long as you keep off the cash tables and come home with a profit :-)

2:35 AM  
Blogger North Star said...

Stop press ~ North Star makes a spelling mistake ... "with" * :-)

2:36 AM  
Blogger Panther said...

Very unlucky mate.

It's great you enjoyed yourself though and had a laugh with some of the regulars on the poker scene.

Wish you'd knocked helmuth out though that would have been so funny!

Congratulations. See ya soon..

Oh and Northy, your spelling and grammar has always been appalling.

8:23 AM  
Blogger jsn999 said...


enjoyed reading your blog.

have not seen you playing lately?

4:54 PM  
Blogger M3boy's Poker Blog said...

No M8

Trying to lay off a bit, but its bloody hard i dont mind telling ya!!! lol

10:53 AM  

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