Friday, May 23, 2008

Poker update........

Live poker has been a bit of a washout lately, have not played much since the £300 at Equal Chance. I am hoping to play the omaha and main event at the Gutshot fessie next week. (The Gutshot main event should be 25% cheaper if I can rake enough on Poker Trillion - as you can enter live events with your RakeBack at a discounted rate!). There is also a Rake race happening in May where the top 20 play off for a $4.5k WSOP mini package - Currently I am top :)

Online has been sick for the last couple of weeks - started with $500 on Poker Trillion (1st may) and tried to spin it up but lost over half of it in first week, so I played the Trillion Treat and the $5k guaranteed - Finaled both but failed on a 1st or 2nd place but still netted just $1.5k.

I have invested quite a bit of time watching video's of online cash play and also watching known winning players play online which has improved my game. With the bad run I had online cash last year I had turned into a bit of a nit and was missing out on value bets + a few other bad habbits had crept in.

Have been hitting the cash tables hard since then (also a few other final table appearances) and am currently on just over $4k. I have lost a couple of sick hands for big pots but have also hit two straight flushes this week and been paid on both!

Playing on Poker Trillion gets very deep very quickly as you can buy in for 200BB's. So sitting with over $1k at $1 $2 is very common.

I have also been playing more and more omaha with success.

The payout structure on Poker Trillion is a good one, under 50 runners means only top 5 get paid. So when only 31 enter the Trillion Treat $100 comp (with $5k added), getting in the money is such good value with 5th paying $600 and 1st almost $4k!

So all in all, this year (with the live scores I have had >£8k) is looking good. It needed to be to be honest after last years poor performance where I only made a few £k.

Laters people!


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