Sunday, May 18, 2008

Latest update

Well I must admit, ive been a little lazy with my blog - but whats new? lol

Pokerwise, things have been good. I final tables the £20k at Equal Chance for the 2nd time in a row, but again failed to get the job done and came in 4th for just shy of £3k. I must admit, I love this comp - excellent slow structure allowing for plenty of play.

Next came the Blonde Bash held at DTD. Me and the good lady travelled up to Nottingham on the Friday - with her sister in tow. She has been a little down recently and thought she could do with a weekend away. So, only one double room though meant 3 in a bed which you think would be fun no? NO! Damn she can snore for England! lol

Although the Bash was good, I had mixed fortunes. Took £1k with me. Went out on the Friday night to Chambers - a karaoke bar. Got completely smashed! Was even dancing AND sang! OMG - good job it was late so most had disapeared by them "phew"

Expensive night, with our 3 drinks costing £15 a time!. Was having a good night, then disaster struck when I decided we would head for DTD at 2am. Taxi driver took us there via Grimsby I think! Tosser! I managed to do £200 in a 50p £1 nlh cash game in about 10 minutes - very stupid but was good fun! Richard Trigg did similar.

So, the next morning I am a little worse for ware and was scared to look in my Wallet to see what last nights little adventure had cost - I felt SICK when I saw I only had £475 left WTF?!? Still, was a good night, just not sure it was £500 good though.

So, onto the main event - I felt as sick as a pig - I was so hot. Didnt last very long and decided to play the £50 comp DTD had on - I missed the start so I was about 15th on the alternate list. You only start with 4k but by the time I got my seat I started with 3100 and blinds of 75 150 and soon to be 100 200. I picked up no cards but there was one guy to my right you was raising almost every other hand - He was my target to get chips from. Everytime I could I would move all in on his raise - I managed to recover and then hit a couple of hands which saw me on 14k - just above average, but in 3 hands I was out - to be fair I should of been out on the first hand where I have raised in late position with 66 and called from the Button. Flop 6 4 8 rainbow. I checked to him expecting him to fire a bet, but he checked it back. Turn was a K. I again checked and he did also. River bought a flush and I checked again, he then bets 3000 to which I just flat call. He turned over 5 7 - He flopped the straight with a flush draw! How do I only loose 3000 on that hand? Reason is I played the hand so badly and he hit the flop a little too much.

Not much drinking that night and an early night

Sunday came and there was a £30 omaha tourney which I entered. I love playing omaha, such an interesting game - well I went on to get 3 way and I had 1/2 the chips in play - all 3 of us wanted it wrapped up (for different reasons) so a chip count was done and I collected £100 less than 1st place anyway - so a nice £500 profit.

All in all the weekend only cost me £200 - not bad from being £500 down after the first night of drinking!

Online is going well. I have moved to Poker Trillion and have made a few final tables and am beating the cash games! Hopefully it will continue.

They have HUGE overlays in their guaranteed tournies.


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