Thursday, December 27, 2007

DTD live club

Well I got an invite to the opening few tourneys, but could only make the 2nd night.
It was a £100 f/o. So off I travel to Nottingham.

What a place!!

Even with the teething problems, Rob and Co have done themselves proud. It is a fantastic environment to play poker in, the stepped levels is a nice touch.

I am unsure as to how "profitable" it will be for jo public who go regular, and by jo public I mean poker players who play as a hobby.

I am sure the club will be dominated by the Pro's who will frequent this place on a regular basis - feeding on the easy money (if there is any) - and who could blame them!

As for the comp, I exited early when my A9 was outdrawn on a 9 high board by K9. It was one of those SB vs BB confrontations, me being the BB
SB bets out and I re raised enough that I couldnt pass. He duly goes all in with K9 - strange play I thought but I'll take the play against me all the time!


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Well written article.

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