Thursday, August 30, 2007

£50 one rebuy/add on Luton 29th August

Marvelous start!

I managed to do my first 4000 stack in level 2 trying to get Ian Needleman to lay down an Ace on an Ace high board, unfortunately for me he had AK and was too stubborn! lol

So next 4000 arrived (last chance!) and I quickly moved to 8500 when holding AK myself, Mark Harris raised to 300 and I re raised to 1300. Folded to Mark, who had also had his rebuy, and he moved the remaining of his chips in. So 2700 to call into a pot of 5450 I decide to take a race here. Only trouble was he had KK and no ace came, so back to 4000.

Little else happened in that level and at the add on break (which I cannot have) I have a measly 3500 chips. Although it was not alot of chips in relation to blinds (now 100 200) with the average stack 9000, it was still enough to make people fold.

I got up to just over 5000 when in the BB, there is a raise to 900 infront of me and called on the button by Jim McShane. TK was the small blind and passes. I had made a few squeeze plays which were all successfull and do it again "All in". This time they BOTH call! Now this would normally be a problem, except for the fact that I had Aces ;)

The Aces held ud and I moved to 16000. I never looked back from here until down to two tables of 6, the poker gods said "not this time sunny!" again :(

I am SB with KK and face a raise and a call. I decide to flat call (risky I know but I wanted full value from my KK) and I know if an Ace hits I am in trouble and can get away. Flop is Q 2 5 (two spades) and with 13000 in the pot, I have 16000 back. I decide the flop is too scary and ship it in. Origional raiser calls me (he has me covered, just!), caller passes. Have you hit a set someone asks, no he replies and flips over Aces :(

One day the poker gods MUST say "Its your turn to win sunny" eh? lol


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