Thursday, August 16, 2007


Firstly my website is up and running (albeit some pages still to complete).

Now onto the poker.

Online I have only played a few tournaments - gone deep in all only to go out to inferior hands - i just cant seem to crack online tournaments anymore, well thats what it seems like.

Online cash was going well this month (up approx $2k) playing $1 $2 and $2 $4 omaha. Also up playing N/L. But then disaster struck on 3 tables of Omaha $2 $4 which saw most of that profit disapear. I do love omaha cash but the swings can be huge!

Have not had any live cash sessions for a while as I have been going VERY deep in my live tourneys. The last being the £50 one rebuy/one add on in Luton last night. Only a small field but a quality one. The money is not life changing by anyway but it is always a good game with good people. TK was there as usual and we seem to play pots against each other and it is a case of who can win a big pot with the worse hand! Well thats how it seems anyway lol. Great fun!
I won last night after raising from the SB vs his BB (with 5 high) only for TK to call. The flop came something like K Q x. Now I know if i bet this. TK will come over the top and I would have to fold, so I decided to check call his bet on the flop and push on any turn card. It worked out perfectly :)

I must mention John (sorry John forgot your surname) - he is a wealthy chap who enjoys playing poker. Well on the final table down to the last 5 and some other guy wanted to do a 5 way equal chop (approx £500 each) but as we were all in no danger (ie over 20 xBB each) I declined the offer. I then lost a huge pot with AK vs a button push with 77 which crippled me. I clawed back up to 30k and then lost another pot. So down to 11k with blinds at 2k 4k there are 3 of us left. The other 2 (John and Ian) have circa 120k each. 3rd place was £460 and John says to Ian, "lets give Paul £600 and we can split the rest) Ian agreed. I was happy with this, and deove to Stanleys in Luton and paid in for the £500 event in Torquay on Saturday - a 10k chip comp with 45 minute levels and slow blind structure (also running ante's) £30k guaranteed.

Freerolling in Torquay!


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