Thursday, August 09, 2007

Bloody Bubbles!!!!

Well my plan was to play the GUKPT event with winnings from the smaller side events. I had picked the £100 f/o, the £200 one rebuy/one add on and the £500 DC f/o.

The £100 f/o was just a joke. The clock was shortened from 30 minutes to 20 minutes for the first 4 levels (ie 25/50 50/100 100/200 200/400) so clock was not 30 minutes until 300/600 level! And with only 5000 starting chips meant you HAD to get busy early.

I demised at 200 400 pushing from the button with KQsuited for 4000 only for the SB to call of 75% of his stack with QJ - obviously he spiked the queen, but what a bad call especially with the BB still to act after him, but what do you expect from a £100 comp?

So, onto the £200 one rebuy/one add on comp. This was a 45 minute clock with 5000 starting chips so effectively it was a £400 double chance with 10k.

I did not need the rebuy and had got to just over 10000 when taking the add on took me to 15000. With the clock this was plenty.

I then had a yo yo effect for the rest of the day, going betwen 20k and 10k. Late into day one I find myself with just 8 big blinds and get A3 o/s under the gun and think of shoving and taking my chances, but decided against it. Only to see a flop of A 10 3 with the SB having K 10 and the BB with Q 10. So onto the BB and I am committed if I hit any of this flop. SB completes and I look down and see 8 4 o/s. Flop 10 8 4 all hearts. Checked to me and I move all in. I get called by Q 8 and my 2 pair holds up.

Shortly after that I get moved to the last 3 tables with approx 20k and blinds 1k 2k. With about 45 minutes of play left I decide to go for it. UTG raises to 5500 - this was a weak bet (I had been playing with this guy all day and had him on a "im utg so I must have a good hand" move. I have made up my mind to shove here if it is folded to me in the SB. It was, and I shoved with 2 5 o/s. He folded VERY quickly.

Next hand folded to me on the button and I raise it to 6000 both blinds fold. Next hand folded to me in the cut off and again I raise it to 6000. Button and blinds fold and I take another small pot.

Again folded to me next hand and I again make it 6000 with K J o/s. This time the BB flat calls (who has over 60k). Flop A 10 2. He checks to me. I am fairly convinced I am ahead here and want him to make a bet so I can re raise, so I check behind. Q comes on the turn. BINGO!! I am trying to work out how best to get paid when I hear him say "all in" - he has Q 6 and is drawing to chop the pot, which doesnt happen and I goto 70k in chips!

End of day one I finish with 63k (av 66k) with 23 left and 18 getting paid.

Day 2 was very slow and I could not get anything going, I am just surviving by picking up pots where can.

We goto 2 tables of 5 and play 3 whole levels!! I have between 70k and 90k with blinds 6000 12000 and I am looking to double up as everyone is playing so tight. So almost any unraised pot I am pushing in. Eventually I push with AJ and run into AK. Although the flop came A 10 J my smile was soon removed as the Q came on the turn and I exited in 10th place.

The payout structure was really bad. 183 runners, £420 to play (with the juice) and 18th to 10th ALL got £400 (9th was to get £1700). So I played for two days, beat 173 runners only to make a £20 loss. WTF?!?

This happened at about 7.15pm and I was in no mood to play the £500 so decided to go home.

2 days later and it was the £300 omaha tourney, so I decided to goto this instead. 103 runners (which is VERY good for a UK comp) and we get down to the bubble again and I again exit on the bubble!! for Fuck ALL this time :( (9th getting £800 and the winner roughly £10k)

So those 2 bubbles cost me £2500 at least!!

Feeling dejected, decided against paying £1k for the GUKPT main event.

Horrible though, I feel I am playing the best poker I have ever played at the mo but just cannot be the right side of the coin at that crucial stage. One day I will be and then look out final table!!

My new website is almost complete, however there is an "under construction" page there now with all the information on what I can offer people who wish to join poker heaven.


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