Thursday, June 28, 2007

$100 Stud Hi Lo Limit

Woke up with around 90 minutes to the start of this tourney, and wasnt in the mood to play really, but eventually got dressed and headed for Binions.

Again a HUGE field of almost 300 runners for this. 3500 starting stack.

I managed to quickly get to 10k and continued to build upto 37k after the 3rd break which was well over the average.

I proceeded to do 10k in chips in 3 pots against shorties.

Left me with 27k (still over average) which I took to 100k with 20 left.

There was $7k for the winner with 32 places being paid, 9th was worth $390.

It was eventually chopped 12 ways for over 4th place money - total crapshoot.

Collusion story for you :
Down to 19 left and someone proposes a 19 way chop for $1000 each. I was the first to object. With 100k I could go to the river and loose 2 times and STILL have 30k left.One woman took real offence me to objecting.Down to 14 and I have 105k but the blinds have increased twice, making it a real crapshoot, if I go to the river and loose, I am left with under 20k.So now I agree to the deal (proposed again by someone else). This woman who took offence to me objecting earlier then says "No" just because I have now said "yes" - Fair enough, she has every right to do this,,,,,, but, then this happened :
I over hear her say this to the person sitting next to her :
"Its mine and your job to knock him out (meaning me) then I will do the split"

Immediatley I call the floor and say she should be ejected from the tournamnet for cheating. A huge row errupts, she is still kept in the tourney. Even the person she said it to said that she had indeed said that to her, word for word.Anyway, eventually a chop was done giving everyone over 4th place money.

So, a nice return on a $100 and back to business tomorrow in the 2 - 7 tripple draw.

Spirits obviously lifted a bit now


Anonymous dave said...

Good luck M3,great entertaining blog,hope you continue to get the results in vegas...

3:52 AM  
Blogger Highstack said...

First time I have popped in for a while, didn't know you had revived it! All the best in vegas mate, hope you have some great results.

9:01 AM  

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