Thursday, June 28, 2007

$200 omaha 8 limit

This post is a bit late, but all will become clear as to why later....

Really looking foward to this one, having been quite successfull online with this game.

Again a BIG field and we are off!

Nothing really happened for me except from bouncing from 5000 to 6000 to 3000 to 6000 etc...

The I pick up a huge draw , nut low draw, nut flush draw. I check raise a guy TWICE!! and he STILL bets into me on the river with 2nd pair and no low :(

So that was the end of that. I think I went out around the 60 mark again, so feeling dejected, I did the sensible thing. NOT!!

I went and sat in a $1 $2 n/l game. The game was mad with most sitting at around $1500 deep. I sat with $300 and as the table was VERY loose, I just played tight and was waiting for my big hands to get paid off. I slowly built it up to $600.

There was one guy (sat with >$2000) who was playing real mad, and calling down people with 2nd pair ect... He had doubled this one person up twice, and doubled 3 others at the table.

I am going to leave, and decide to play "just one more round". Fatal!

On the last hand for me I get 44 UTG and limp in. Called and then raised to $20, which was called by 2 others. I call.

So 4 to the flop and it comes 2 4 8 rainbow. BINGO!!

I check, the mad guy bets $50, all fold to me and I make it $200. He calls

Turn comes a 9. I move all in for $350ish and he calls.

FLips over 99 for the 2 outer and that was that.

So now 6am and feeling real sorry for myself home, I brave the walk from Binions to Elcortez, it aint pretty at that time of the night.

Felt so low that I was ready to change my flights and come home. It was really that bad.

To be coninued.................


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