Thursday, June 07, 2007

News from DTD...........

At 8.30pm June 4th DTD hosted its first ever deep stack tournament. Costing $200 + $10 to enter, the event was attended by 42 players many of whom were DTD staff or sponsored pros.
The event was attended by such players as Simon Trumper, Paul Jackson, Michael Greco and Dave Colclough.
Despite the deep stack nature of the tournament it wasn't a very long lasting event due to the aggressive nature of some of the players. The event finished at 11.49pm just over three hours later with 'Battery' emerging as weekly champion.
The final prize pool consisted of $8,400 and the top fives places were paid out:
Battery = $3,360NOflOp = $2,016Razor = $1,344Jreinhold = $1,008Doubleit = $672
DTD's own Simon Trumper just missed out on the money coming 7th and Michael Greco was awarded the wooden spoon being first out followed closely behind by DTD Managing Director Rob Yong!
If you'd like to test yourself against the DTD crew or fancy playing a deep stack tournament go to DTDPoker on June 11th before 8.30pm and enter the 'Tourney' section. The tournament is under 'DTD $200 weekly.'


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