Saturday, March 10, 2007

Update on online cash play

Well the online cash games have been up and down for February. I was £700 up on 11/02/07 and I finished the month £1,377 up, which is just over £344 per week.

I am now playing £1 £2 tables - a quick jump up, but if I have a major downswing, then I will drop down but so far so good.

One session to note (well one that sticks out in my mind). It was the day before I was travelling down to the APAT event in Cardif (more on that later) and I played for around 25 minutes on 3 tables. I always "autopost" and this first table I am dealt 4d 6d and raise to £12. One guy in late position decides to re raise another £12. Ooops I thought, but have to call. Flop comes 6 6 9. Now I have him on overpair and manage to get a double up (£200 up). VERY next hand I am in the BB and have suited Ace. Anyway, I am involved in a pot with the same guy (who has rebought) and I hit the nut flush on the river - with him hitting 2nd nut flush so he stacks me again! (£400 up in 2 hands!) . Now this guy aint too happy!!
In the meantime on one of the other tables - I have AQ and see a flop of Q high. Turn bought another Q and he bets hard into me. I thought maybe he had hit a FH, and knowing I had the Q that he would get paid, but decided to push.
He called in a flash and sure enough he had a FH - then the river comes an Ace and I make a higher FH!! . Incidently this was against the same guy I had stacked twice on the other table!!
Well I managed to win a few more hands and eventually left that session just under £650 up - Not bad for 25 minutes work!!
Biggest loosing session in February was for £456.

The swings are fairly big, but seem to be sustainable at the moment.


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