Sunday, December 24, 2006

First Venture into DTD Online MTT's

Had a bash at the £12k guaranteed last night (£50 buy in). My Fisrt MTT on DTD poker.
Got off to a shaky start, but proceeded to double up twice mid comp to give myself a good stack, but things went horribly wrong and was short stacked again. In fact I was short stacked upto the money (top 20 paid).
Then it was time to take on the gamblers. Funny how when people make the money they are inclined to just move all in with nothing (as 20th was same money as 11th). Worked out well for me as 3 times I had monster hands which all held up.
With the final table approaching, I decided to take a HUGE gamble against the c/l with my pocket 9's. He had been raising constantly and I moved all in over the top, to which he called and showed AQ. My pair held up and I was now 2nd in chips.
Final table came, and apart from one slight accident (where I slipped down to 6th) I remained in 2nd spot.
With 4 left, the comp was very tough. C/L had circa 300k, I had circa 130k and the two others had circa 30k (approx 8 BB's). The C/L was pressuring us with great effect, and I did not want to go against him again without a premium hand. Luckily enough for me, he did let off a few hands and I duly applied the pressure to the two small stacks taking one of them out.
It was soon heads up, with him having approx 5 to 1 c/l on me. With £2500 for 2nd and £3700 for 1st, it was still to play for.
He was very aggressive (as I expected him to be) and constantly moved over the top of me to any raise - except for the 3 times when I actually WANTED him to come over the top, he folded!
I did manage to get up to neally 200k which meant one more double up and I took the c/l. But it didnt happen. I finally moved all in with 3 4 - he called with AQ which held up and I took 2nd.
Pleased with my game, and the outcome - not bad for my 1st MTT on DTD.
Made a change for my hands to stand up, and 50 50's to go my way.
Good start to my plan, as I now have a bit of a roll to play with.
This comp was also the last in a series of comps comprising of a leaderboard. Top 250 get extra cash and also a freeroll for 3 EPT seats.
I was VERY suprised to find that after just one comp, I was 80th!! So thats another extra $200 - It all counts!
Shame the leaderboard is now finished, seems it wasn't too hard to make top 10!
I am in a couple of SATS soon, one for Aussie Millions, one for WPT.
Thinking of making another stab at the $1mill on Stars tonight - Ive had 4 out of 5 cashes so far in this, but nothing major - hoping for better tonight.


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