Monday, July 31, 2006

More Cash Game play

The day after , and when I finally awake, I later find myself in the $1 $2 n/l cash game with Mr Moves and Pab.
We had such a laugh, but I dont think that the locals found it very amusing. There was a lot of banter, lots of straddles and re raising blind.
One hand I made the usuall straddle, and told Pab that if he raised me, I was going to re raise him blind. Well sure enough, he raised to around $15 (he was also blind) so I re raised it to $60 (still blind). He says to me I am going to go all in blind, will you call? Yes I replied. So he went all in and I called.
So, both of us blind and a $400-$500 pot, the flop was mostly low cards with a 2. Pab turns over K high and feels quite confident. Then I flip over my cards and find a 2 to take the pot!
All 3 of us were trying to dominate each other and me and Mr Moves got involved in a pot (after I had re raised him on the flop so many times and showed the bluff). This time he flopped an open ended str8 draw and I had a set. This time we ended up all in and he hit the str8.
To cut a long story short, I finally left that game at 9.30am over $1400 up - not bad for a $1 $2 n/l game (max sit down was $300) and as I had alot of chips, I was making it at least $20 to see a flop. The locals got very fed up and continued to donate to me :)
Such a laugh Pab, Mr moves and myself had.
Although I kept telling Pab to go to bed as he was playing his first day of the main event in less than 8 hours.

Well thats enough for now, just got back from yet another $1 $2 n/l session ($200 down this time) am going to bed ready for day 2 of the main event tomorrow. Fingers crossed.


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