Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Slovenia Heads Up - Part 1

Qualified for this one online with VC - but wish I hadn't for a few reasons :
1) Clashed with St Kitts
2) Clashed with Midland Masters
3) Only 19 people turned up for the event!!!!!!!!!!!

Point 3 was a sore one. I mean, only 19 people (max 64). Respect to Jon Shoreman for trying his best to organise these events. Hopefully Paris will be a better success.

Not many named faces here, Tripple P, Rob Hollink, Jon Shoreman (obviously) and Scott Fishman & Co.

I knew they were gonna be mad, just before the draw for the heads up, Rob, Scott & Co were "flipping coins" for 50euro a throw - MAD!! lol

Well there had to be 6 players play a prelim round - which I avoided - so at least I was in Round 2 (one better than Barcelona!!)

The Prelims started at around 6.30ish and I was told my match would DEFINATELY be played that night. My opponent was either Derek (OldKingCole) or some Italian Guy. I decided to watch this one and see if I could pick up on their style of play. Well 2 hours later and they were about even in chips when they broke for dinner. 9pm restart. They went deep into level 4 (the last level) and was around 11pm when Derek finally went out, having previously been all in with a comanding chip lead with 66 only to find the Italian Guy with a BIG PAIR.

So my match started around 11ish. By this time I had been there 7 hours and was keen to play.

The Italian guy was fairly solid, but with some moves here and there.

I didnt have the best of starts, with a full house being beaten by a better full house, but recovered well to evenish in chips, then my "form" let me down.

Blinds were 300 600 , I was the BB and had 4c 6c. He min raised so i called. At this point I had him on a BIG PAIR.

Flop came 4 4 7. BINGO!! (I thought) and checked.

He bet out 1200, so I min raised him and he called after some strange looks.

Turn Card 8. Again I check, this time he bets 3200. I quickly announce "raise" pushed in my 3200 and sat for a while. He again looked puzzled and I was convinced he had AA KK QQ etc and wouldnt lay it down and pushed all in.

He took 5 minutes to decide, and the longer he took, the more convinced I was that He had AA. Eventually he called. First card he turned over was an Ace (i got that warm feeling in my stomache) but then he turned over a 4!! (I felt sick)
Quickly realised that I could win with a 6 or a 5, and tie with a 7 or an 8. Sadly it was a 10 and I was out.



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