Wednesday, October 05, 2005

£500 main event at Gutshot

Not much to say about this one.

Had my usual start of no cards, but managed to scrape enough pots/blinds to stay alive.

About 5 or so hours into the tourney, I am on 9700 chips , Blinds now 250 500(started with 8000) and have an aggressive player to my right in first position he makes it 1500 to play.

I look down and find pocket Aces - and make it 4500 to play.

A short stack of 6000 on the button announces "All in", SB and BB fold.

Then that magical comment from the aggressive player to my right "How many chips do you have left?" I tell him about 6000 and he says "OK I'll set you all in"

So now just under 27000 in the pot (with 80 odd left this is a top 5 chip stack)

Short stack turns over 10 10
Guy to my right turns over K K

Flop comes 4 9 Q - All good so far

Then came the turn = K and I was out.

Sat down for a while, then went and played a £50 pot limit holdem cash game and proceeded to make just over £500 (which was my buy in back)

So all in all, pleased with the way I played, just unlucky to loose to that 2 outer.

I feel my time is coming!!

Next event is either the Grosvener Grand Prix on the Brighton Festival.


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