Wednesday, August 17, 2005

UK Open Main Event 1st Day

Well , first day and 139 entrants in the event. I had a plan of getting to 30k for the 1st day, as I knew this would be average stack (prob 50 going back for the second day)

10000 chips with an hour clock and we were only playing 6 levels on Saturday.

Well the cards were coming good for me, with pocket Aces twice in the first 2 levels, but sadly no action. Then I got pocket Kings and made it 4xBB (from middle position)

Got 3 callers .

If any ace comes on the flop, I can get away easily. Flop came 10 high.

I bet out a little to see where I am, and am flat called with the other 2 folding.

Turn = another low card (still rainbow) so I bet pot size bet and am again called.

River = Q

I check, and the guy makes a pot size bet and I call.

He has pok 10's - so I'm down to 6000 early - Not the best of starts.

I then decided to play a little looser in the hope of getting some chips back. Sure enough I hit a flop while playing 8 9. (flopped 2 pair) with the other guy hitting top pair with an ACE kicker. SO i was back over 10k.

I had pok Aces another 4 times that day, again with little or no action, but I managed to finish the day with 26,000 chips (now was this an omen?!?!?!?)


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