Wednesday, August 17, 2005

£100 f/o at Luton

After running cold online (for about 4 months) I decided it was time to get back inot the live sceene.

Went to Luton on Friday night for the £100 f/o.

Only 56 runners (due to the Vic Poker Cup and Festival at the Vic)

Played my way to the final table - what a long night!! Specially as there were only so few runners.

Well at 4am, there were still 5 of us left in. The blinds were HUGE!! The C/L only had 8 x BB

I was in 3rd (just a few chips behind 2nd) and 4th and 5th had about 4 xBB

The prize money (approx) was as follows : !st £2000 2nd £900 3rd £600 4th £450 and 5th £250.

A deal was suggested, which was too good to turn down. We split it, the CL taking £1200, both me and the guy in 2nd taking £950 with 4th and 5th taking £750.

Now I dont usually do deals (have always said this) but that one was just too good to turn down.

This gave me some money to play the festival at Luton the following week.


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