Thursday, May 19, 2005

Barca update

Well i got the seat :)

Was drawn in the last bracket which ment my game wasnt until the wednesday afternoon.

Had found out a bit about my opponent. A Ladbrooke's qualifier who was a decent player and very aggressive.

Well the time finally came to sit down. We start with 5000 chips and only 4 hour long levels so there is alot of play. I had already made up my mind that I wasnt going to be pushed around at the start but also wasnt going to be in a all in race situation either. This year alot of the games were finished within an hour with all ins all over the place. One I remember was on about hand 6 when someone went all in preflop with pok 10's and pok 9's called. Flop JJ9 and that was then end of them.

Well 4 hands in i get Q9 suited in the BB. He limps in and i check.
Flop comes Q 7 9 (rainbow) - RESULT (I think)
I check
he bets 300
and i take an eternity and "reluctantly" call
turn comes 4 (all diff suits)
again i check
again he bets 300 and again I take ages to call.
River comes 2
Now I bet out 700
and he min raises
I call

He turns over pok 7's

Down to 2500 chips and was hard to recover - no cards and not hitting flops.
I managed to last 2 levels with the 2500 still in tact but made no progress.

Finally got down to 1300 and had no choice but all in when i was SB. With him then raising to 600 on my BB.
This worked for 3 or 4 rounds.
Then he raises to 600 again on my BB and I find A6 and go all in - He calls
Turns over pok 10's
I get no help from the flop and I am out.

Any regrets about my play? No - I think i played a sound game just was hard to recover from loosing half my stack early.

I spoke to the bloke after who said he was getting cards, he said he had pok K's 4 times - the only pair I saw was Jacks.

Well down £1400 but at least i've done it now.

Just the 500 euro f/o on friday to play now. Update coming


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