Wednesday, August 17, 2005

UK Open Final Table

The final started off very cagey, with little or no action early on.

Then once 2 people went out, it started to get a little mad.

"Vic" was raising every hand with his monster stack and was beginning to push the table around. Bad Girl took offence to this and went back at him. One classic example was a raise from Vic on every street and a call from Bad Girl, until the river where Vic bets and Bad Girl announces ALL IN. It was a horrible board with 4 to the flush and str8 possibilities. Vic threw his cards away and "Bad Girl" shows 6 high!!!! (That was a monster pot)

She then got unlucky when she was all in with Vic again. She had QQ , Vic had AK and hit his Ace, so out she went.

I had JJ 3 times on that table and made them all pay.

So down to 3 left, and I know I am guaranteed £26k. All I want now was to get heads up and have a real go at winning the event.

Simon and Vic were going at it like hammer and tongs and I decided to "sit back" and let them.

I then found JJ again, on the SB with Vic the BB. Simon had folded. I had 220k at this time with vic on 300k. Now I knew if i limped in, he would push all in. So I limped and sure enough he went "all in". I couldnt call quick enough. Vic had A 2 o/s

First card out was an Ace and that was the end of me.

I was disapointed cos that pot would of practically put me heads up with Simon on equalish chips. I feel we could of had a good game - Vic was more of an "all in and hope" merchant.

But that was the 7th time I had JJ so I cant complain really. And £26k was a nice return on an investment of £150.

I seem to be running good at the moment which has lifted my confidence and amde me (i feel) play better, so I might go to Sheffield this weekend for the next event.

Oh and I am now ranked 188th in Europe - lol

You can watch the final on Poker 425 all this week at 11pm.


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