Wednesday, August 17, 2005

UK Open Luton 2nd Day

Well came back on Sunday with my 26000 chips (a little under average) and started quite well, doubling up early with pocket aces. Had pocket aces again, and again made a little (that makes 6 times in the tourney!!!)

Down to last 3 tables and i get moved to a table with "Vic"(chip leader) and Simon Nowab (2nd in chips) both to my left. One of the money and I had 60k (close to average) and am under the gun with JJ (approx 4th time that day) . I raise 4xbb and "Vic" (chip leader) comes over the top "All in"

At the same time I see someone has been knocked oput and we are in the money. I ask for a ruling as to what would happen should I call and loose. Now I know Vic is playing over aggressive and using his big stack to scare people off pots. I am told if I call and loose, I would share 18th place and the prize money. If I fold I am guaranteed £1500. So I fold.

Final two tables, and I go card dead. Down to 13 left and I have 12xBB. Now both "Vic" and Simon are on my right and I say to "Vic" that I wish I had called him with my JJ earlier and taken a chance. With this , the next hand I am BB. It is folded round to Simon who makes it 4xBB to go. "Vic" calls. SB folds. I look down and find Pocket Jacks (AGAIN!!!). I think for a while and announce "All in". Simon Folds and Vic Calls.

My JJ holds up and I almost trebble up.

Within 6 or so hands I am in md position with John Falkner on the BB. I raise 4 xBB and it folds round to him. He looks down and announces "All in". He has me outchipped slightly and I consider what to do. I decided that he probably had AK or AQ and did I want to gamble with JJ? I decided to call.

Sure enough he had AQ and my Jacks held up. I doubled up again.

Soon after this, John went out , so did a few others and we were final table!! I had 144k (about 5th)

There are 2 hands I would like to mention from the other table involving "Bad Girl" and the current chip leader at the time. I am not sure of the exact details, but the C/L had Aces and was all in with "Bad Girl" with A 3 . She caught two 3's to double up on him. THE VERY NEXT HAND, the same two clashed, this time "Bad Girl" had pok aces and they held up. What a way to exit a tourney :(


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