Saturday, September 17, 2005

£100 rebuy Luton last night

Well I am continuing my live success (shame about online, but at least I am starting to hit the money now).

Only got 45 runners last night, probably due to Barcelona.

Made final table, down to last 6 and have 24K. Chip leader to my right with 48K, one short stack on 7.5k and the rest on around 20K.

I am BB (2k). Folded to small blind (c/l) who makes it 5k to play.
I look down and see AK.
I could flat call, then push all in regardless of the flop, but decide to push all in preflop.
SB calls VERY quickly - Bad news I think he must have a BIG pair, but to my delight he turns over A 10 o/s.
Flop rags, turn rag, river 10 - OUCH!!
Pot was for c/l and should of secured me a nice top 3 (at least) finish.
But out 6th for £360

I would make the same play again, win that hand I feel I had a GREAT chance to go on and win the tourney.

But like I siad, another F/T live play.

Things are all good :)


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