Sunday, August 21, 2005

Sheffield Summer Festival £750

Well following on from recent live success, I decided to head to Sheffield to play in the main event, a £750 double chance freezeout.

I got drawn on Table 1, and had a good start. Pok 7's and tripped up on the flop with an agressive player betting into me. The turn card bought a flush draw and he again bet 1000 (leaving him 2500 of his starting 5000). I was pretty sure he would call a raise, so I raised him 2500. He didnt call, but still a nice pot none the less.

Apart from that hand, nothing much happened. I was struggling from there on, nicking a few blinds/pots when I could in order to survive.

By the 2nd level we had to take the second 5000 chips. This gave me a grand total of 10200! A gain of 200 chips.

Hassan Mohammed was also on my table and was also struggling. We both were around the 12,000 mark with 3 tables left and fast approaching the 10xBB level.

Oh, there was two other hands that were of interest, both involving the c/l at the time. He had pok Aces cracked by pok 7's (SB vs BB)which left him short. The very next hand I get pok Kings UTG and on a table full of aggressive players, I limped in. Sure enough, the guy who just had Aces cracked raised it 4xBB. I had around 3000 more chips than him at this stage and decided to set him all in. He duly called and siad "it cant happen again surely!" He turns over Pok Aces again!!! BACK TO BACK!! - Well a King came on the river to see him exit, not in the best of moods!! (but who can blame him)

Struggled on, as I have said, with the blinds going up again, i find myself with 7000 chips with blinds of 1000 and 2000. In late position I find pok 8's. Now I know if I go all in, the SB and BB are likely to fold - which was no good for me as I needed to get chips fast!! With this in mind, I min raised to 4000 (leaving myself only 3000) The both called. Flop came 10 4 2, I couldnt hope for much better and throw my last 3000 into the pot. The SB folds but the big blind calls. He had Q2 and my pok 8's help up. So now on 18,000 chips (the most I had had all tourney) I find AQ and decide to "get busy". I make it 6000 to play. It folds round to the button who thinks for a while , then says "all in". SB and BB fold. So now its decision time.

There were around 20 left, and I had committed 6000 chips leaving myself with just 12000 (blinds fast approaching 2000 1000). I put him on a pocket pair and decided that this was the right time to take the 50 50 shot. If I win this pot I am on 39000 and should make the final table.

Well he turns over pok 9's and they hold up - out I go 19th.

All in all a struggle from start to finish, but a brave struggle none the less. I could of held out for 15th (ie £575) but as I had bought in, I wanted more.

Hassan, on the other hand, who had struggled like me from the start, saw his 50 50 gamble pay off and went on to make the final table. N1 hassan)

As usual, met some great people, including Julian Thew (a player I have admired for quite some time) He came over and congratulated me on my success at Luton the previous week. A nice touch I thought.


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