Sunday, September 11, 2005

£1000 f/o Broadway Birmingham

Well what can I say.

The Broadway (I know it has only been open 6 months), but what a casino!!!

The staff very friendly, complementry breakfast and free bar for the players. Also free parking.

They gave away lots of goodies in the tournamnets as well, including glass vases and a gold bracelet to the winners - VERY NICE TOUCH

And to top it all of, ALL comps were JUICE FREE!!!!

I played the £1000 main event which due to poor advertising/bad timing they only had 40 odd runners. So with 10,000 starting chips and an hour clock there was PLENTY of play.

Nothing much happened for me, stole a few blinds, nicked a few pots - No cards.
Managed to survive and got up to 14k at 3am ish with 20 left.
Blinds were 300 600 and I was SB.
One guy in mid position had around 23K and raised it to 2900 to play. All folded to me and I look down and have QQ. I thought about a flat call and then I can get away if an ace or king hits the flop, but decided to push all in. Mainly as the prize money started at 5th.
BB folds
The origional raiser said "OK lets go" - He turned over AK which improved into a full house.
That was the end of me.

I dont regret the move, and would do it again it those situations.


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