Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Inbetween Dublin and Slovenia

I decided to go to Sheffield to play the main event of the festival, a £750 double chance freezeout.

Started really well, and continued to mass chips. Upto 32k.
Then things went wrong, my big pairs were being beaten by better hands, also my steal attempts were not working and I got down to 15K (around 12xbb) and I was SB. All fold to me and I have pok 10's.

I decided this was the correct time to get clever and try and double up on my opponent in the BB who was a "tad aggressive" shall we say.

I limped in, knowing that he would raise to approx 4k to play. Sure enough he did, and I went over the top all in. They called. Trouble was, they had JJ and out I went.

Again, no regrets about the play.

The only other thing I would say on this comp is the way certain people conducted themselves.
Now I know i do not like to rush any decisions involving a good proportion of my stack, but this is methodiacal thinking , back tracking the hand in my head and trying to deduce weather I am beat or not. Now to some this could seem to be slow playing, but I can assure you it isnt!

It also doesnt happen too often, just when it is for a large portion of my stack.
I also feel that if people think it is too long, they are MORE than entitled to call the clock on me - this I dont mind either, and why would I?

Well there was one hand when I hit top pair (J) and K kicker on the flop. The guy bet and I called, he then immediately goes all in on the turn (which was a rag) - no flush draw, but there was a str8 draw.

Now I probably took 2 minutes to decide what to do (it was for 20-25% of my stack to call). During which time John Falkner called the clock on me - fair enough. Eventually I passed the hand and they showed me AJ.

The thing which annoyed me (although I didnt let it show) was that Simon Nowab came over to chat to John Falkner while we were playing (as I understand it, spectators were not allowed, so what was he doing there in the first place?!?), and commented to John Falkner "oh no, not him, if he takes longer than 30 seconds, put the clock on him" - pointing to me.

Now maybe this was ment in jest I dont know, and frankly doesnt matter. It was an unnecessary comment while our game was in progress and in my view should not have been made. Now if Simon Nowab was playing at our table, he could of made that comment as I know table talk is part of the game, but table talk from a spectator?!?

This did not affect my game, as I have made that mistake before.

Ok rant over,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


Blogger Panther said...

you too slow M thwee boy. You lookee at cards for long time. I wan bet but i wet for you long long time. By time is me to act i asleep! Get move on M thwee boy, me grow beard while u thinking if kicker good.

3:51 PM  
Blogger M3boy's Poker Blog said...

lol rod, you always make me laugh. Hope all is well in Brighton. And its good to see u in some MTT's again

9:14 AM  

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