Monday, July 31, 2006

Shuffle up and deal!!

Early to bed (by 10pm) and awake at 6.30am - So totally refreshed for day one of the main event.

I thought I may be a little nervous, but it was the total opposite. I felt VERY confortable, I wasnt star struck, either by other players or by the event itself. All I saw was the table I was playing on.

The first 2 hour level saw me with no cards and I wasnt going to get cute with marginal hands, so I think I was only involved in one flop on my BB that was unraised.

First break came and went, 5 minutes into the next level and boy did i go on a rush of cards. I had AA 3 times, KK twice and QQ twice all in the space of 3 rounds!! Most I picked up the blinds uncontested with the Aces, but had to lay the Kings down on the flop both times, as the flop bought and Ace - to which I bet out and got re raised both times. One of the QQ hands was where I ALMOST took down a nice big pot. I was BB and the guy on the button made it 200 to go , I look down and find QQ - re raise to 600 and he calls. Flop comes 2 7 Q rainbow - and I bet out 800 (trying to make out I had AK and was a continuation bet). I could see he wanted to re raise me sooo bad, but in the end he folded muttering "I know I have you beat but...."
Another hand worth a mention was when I was holding 10 10 on a flop of 8 5 2. Action had happened preflop and post flop, but when the guy re raised me 4000, I was convinced my 10's were no good and he had an overpair so I layed it down - He showed me JJ.
I felt so confident and was on top form managed to get to 14k quite early on, then went on a spree of very very bad plays - calling raises out of position, leaking chips etcc...... and found myself under 8k again -
Disgusted with myself, I got up and went and sat outside for an hour to "cool off" and to regroup - I am 100% sure that if I had not done this I would of definately donked off the remaining 8k.

On my return, I am under the gun with 7-8k ish and find JJ. What to do??? Well I decided to limp, dont hit a J on the flop and fold to strong betting.
Well the guy to my immediate left raised it to 800 (4xBB) and I just felt he had a monster hand (Aces or Kings) but decided to call to see if I could hit my set. The flop came all low cards and I bet out 1200 and he called so quick that now I knew he had Aces or Kings. Well the miracle turn came, a Jack also now making a flush draw. I checked, He bet 2500 and I pushed all in for my remaining 5k or so. He called with KK and got no help.
From there I was up and down between 19k and 12k, couldnt seem to get past 19k and finally finished the day on 14.5k - So day 2 made.

If you said to me, that I could go straight to day 2 with 15k chips I would of bit your hand off!! So all in all very happy with my play (apart from the dodgy spell)

Just like to also say that the bagging process was a complete farce!! Taking over an hour.


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