Friday, January 27, 2006

THE Best Table I have played on................

It has to be without doubt, the table I was on for the £1000 main event at the Grand Challenge in Luton recently.

When we all sat down, I knew it was gonna be fun, but I didnt realise just how much fun!!
On the table were Simon Nowab (always banter between us two), Paul Parker (met him before and knew he could talk), Ian Woodley (played with him before, ALWAYS at it!!) and Paul Zimbler (Played with a couple of times).

Well I was in for a treat. It didnt feal at all like a £1000 comp, I was very relaxed and enjoyed the banter emensely.
Me and Simon have a history (all be it a short one) . At the Blonde Bash, we were on the same table, first hand I raised and bet the flop and took the pot. Simon rplied "Oi!! I am table captain!! Less of that please! I am going to raise your BB blind EVERYY time!" Well he did, but unfortunately for him I had KK - but thats another story.
Simon started off very aggressive, as always. I had it in my mind to get involved as often as I could and gave myself 2500 out of the 10000 as 'gambling chips'. There was this one time, I called Simon's early position raise with 5 7 o/s (from the button) . Flop came 5 6 7. I just let him bet into me (as I knew he would) and I just kept calling. I knew I had him, but then the river came an 8 and I knew i was in trouble, but the bet on the end was soo small, I had to call. Simon had Q 9.
Another hand I had called a raise by Simon, I had 7 2 o/s (again on the button) but this time Paul parker was in the pot as well. Flop came K high, Simon continues his bet, called by Paul and I also called. The turn came another K. All checked. Now at this point I wasnt sure if any of them had the K so I checked. I knew if Simon didnt have it, he would come out betting the pot on the river. Well the river came, and out bets Simon (and yes, a pot size bet). I already had it in my mind to re raise him say 3xpot to take it and then show him the 7 2 o/s. But Paul parker flat called Simon. At this point I thought Paul had the K so I folded.
Simon says to Paul "If youve got the K I am gonna twat you!!" Paul turned over one card, an Ace and siad thats good enough to take it isnt it? And you know what, it was!! Paul took that pot with an Ace high. If only I had had the balls to re raise BOTH of them, that pot was mine. Well with this, Simon was on Pauls case!! Was sooo funny to see Paul turn over just an Ace and say "thats good enough isn't it?" and see Simon muck his cards lol.
I was feeling confident with my reading after this and proceeded to take a pot from Ian Woodley (who didnt seem to like this as he called a clock on me after about 1 minute after that). It was a scary board which was flushing and str8ing, I bet the pot on the turn (roughly 1/3 of my stack at the time) with nothing! Paul Zimbler and Ian Woodley were in the pot and I could see Paul KNEW what i was at, but with Ian to act after him could only fold. Ian took an eternity and flat called - I had him on the flush draw now. Well the river was a blank and Ian checked. I riffled my remianing chips for about 2 minutes, then pushed them in the middle. Ian took about 4 minutes to pass and the pot was mine. I showed the bluff, Ace high. I am SURE Ian had nut flush draw with a pair also.
Another point worth a mention (there are plenty of others, but its like when you watch a comedian, and cant stop laughing all the way through, you come to the end and cannot remember much). An older gentleman came to our table (his name escapes me) with quite alot of chips and proceeded to say "at the break I only had 3000 chips, now I have all these) Paul Zimbler replied with "It wont take you long to give them to me" which the old guy replied "I will outlast you here",,, this was when Simon chipped in and said "maybe, but he will live ALOT longer than you!!!" Well I just couldnt stop laughing, nor could the rest of the table. This was followed by alot of "turn your hearing aid up" and "hurry up and pass before you die".
Paul Parker was badgering EVERYONE at EVERY oppotunity (MAN CAN HE TALK!!!!!) but it wasnt annoying, it was VERY funny. When anyone raised and got re raised, Paul would say "If you move all in here you will take this pot, he doesnt have a hand. Are you gonna let him get away with that?" etc.....
Well, I managed to get to within half an hour of the break for the night, still with 10,000 I had had no cards all night and found JJ in late position. I raised Paul Zimbler and Simons Blinds (not for the first time IMO taking them then showing 8 9 and 10 7), this time Paul re raised me all in. I thought for a while, had he had enough of me raising his blinds and was making a stand? or did he actually have a hand? Well I went for the first, with the hope he had AK if any hand. All in then and Paul truns over KK and I was out.
Disapointed as always to go out, but what a game!!!!!
Paul Zimbler went on to come close the next day, but was viciously outdrawn. Simon fell to Paul Zimbler (QQ vs AK) and Paul Parker went on to make final table, where in chip lead and involved for a HUGE pot which I think would of seen him go onto win that tourney , suffered an outdraw when holding AA - he did manage to talk them all into a 5 way split though. WD
All in all a VERY enjoyable comp, to me, THIS is what poker is all about. TOP GUYS!!!


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