Friday, January 13, 2006

Luton Grand Challenge Next Week!!

Well, I have had several comments as to "when are you going to update your blog" - shock to me as I didnt think many people read it!!!

I must admit to have been very lazy in this department.

Live poker since my last post,,,, played the £200 omaha at Luton Xmas Fessie and made Final table, only to go out 9th. Also won a STT for the main event as well. Made the second day (last 2 tables) but low stacked and couldnt double up.

As for online, I have now written an excel spreadsheet to keep track of my online game. It has a seperate page for each site I play on (4 mainly now : Blue Square, Ultimate Bet, Ladbrokes and Poker Stars). Each sheet keeps a day to day record of all my online poker, keeping each seperate (ie MTT's STT's and Cash - omaha/no limit etc).
Definately helps me to see exactly which parts of my game pay off and on which site.
Lads is a defo fav at the moment for No Limit (although small stakes of $2 $4 am making a good profit) Blue Square for Omaha P/L(mainly $5 $10). I am dabbling in UB's cash games at the moment with some success but it is alot slower. As for Poker Stars, not tried there yet for Cash.
Tournament play has also been good over the last month or so giving me a quadrupled bankroll over a 2 month period. Long may it continue!!

Notable MTT successes lately include winning the $99 rebuy on Blue Sqaure twice in a month (together with other final table finishes) winning the $12k on Blue Sqaure (together with other final table finishes) Making 7 final tables in the $12k on Lads best 2nd still no win there yet. Also making Final table in the $300 on Lads coming 3rd - was C/L and had AA and KK cracked within 4 hands to go out. Ultimate Bet MTT final table's - again best 3rd. Poker Stars $500k finished 90th going out with 10 10 to A Q for huge pot, but over 3700 runners so not too shabby.

As mentioned, my new site is Ultimate Bet - THE BEST structure for MTT's by the way. $100 f/o with 180 runners start with 2500 stack and 15 minute blinds. Doesnt sound that good does it? But when you realise that the blinds start at 10 20, then 20 40, then 30 60 and so on, it is easy to see why they have the best structure. 2 1/2 hours into a tourney and the blinds are just 100 200. PLENTY OF PLAY!!

This Sunday is a $500 entry MTT on UB with $1m guaranteed prize pool! ALso ALL final tablers will get a $12k WSOP package! I have qualified for this via a $30 MTT feeder (which I won) So Sunday could be a good day!!!

Well thats about it for now. Luton Grand Challenge next week where I will be playing the £200 omaha (with one rebuy and one add on), the £750 double chance and the £1000 main event. With Luton being a good hunting ground for me, I am expecting cash finishes there. Hopefully a win as well.

Till then,,,,,,,,,,,,


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