Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Slovenia Heads Up - Part 2

With the "cold deck" in the heads up I decided to check out the cash games. They were only playing 10 20 limit. I watched for a bit and saw the standard was very fishy to say the least and sat down with 500 euro's.
That soon disapeared with a number of outdraws so I got out another 500 euros - which went the very same way!!!
I tried another 500 euros and managed to leave with about 900 - so a loss of 600 overall.

Next day was the 1000euro main event . This was a double chance freezeout and had around 70 runners. I really fancied my chances in this one and got off to a decent start. I was always above average chips when down to the last 21 I played AK in first position :

I limp. Mid position raises 4xBB. All fold to me. Now this guy had been VERY aggressive and had made this raise many times and then moved "all in" on the flop on a number of different flops. So I called ( with the mindset of folding if I didnt hit A or K)
Well the flop came A 2 7 - now I knew he wouldnt call my bet, so I decided to let him make his "all in" move. Which he did and I called in an instant. He had me outchipped by a few 1000. This pot was now more than enough to see me onto the final table.
He turns over JJ
Turn card then came a J (out of "form" again)

Disapointed but still in good spirits I went to the cash tables. They had a 5 5 p/l holdem game. So I sat down with 1000 euros. A few pots lost saw me down to 800 when a new player came and joined.

He was in 2nd position and after a limp in first position he raised the pot, which was called by 2 others. I look down and find QQ and re raise the pot. 1st limper folds , the new guy calls me and the other 2 fold.

Flop comes 4 5 Q (diff suits), to my suprise the new guy bets the pot. By this time the pot was big and I put him on KK. So i re raised the pot (which was practically all in) and he called. As in all cash games, the cards are not shown until the river is out.

Well the turn came an 8 and the river a 10.

I think I am infornt until he turns over 6 7 o/s. This was the end of poker for me that day, I didnt feel in the right frame of mind to continue.

Next day was a 200 euro p/l omaha rebuy. Again had around 50 runners. I was on a fairly quiet table with few rebuys. The table next to me was mad!! Neally all in every hand. Needless to say most of these guys on that table got chipped up.

Iknew I was in for a struggle and managed my shortstack well, even doubling up to a just below average stack when we got moved down to 2 tables.

16 left and I needed to find a few hands. Then this happened :

I am SB , Scot fishman is BB. (I have around 13xBB left)
5 limpers!!!! so I cant pass up the value and limp as well with 3 4 6 6
Scot Fishman checks the Big blind.
Flop comes K 4 6 (2 spades and a heart, I have no spades)
I decide to kill this pot quickly and announce "pot" - Scot Fishman then re raises pot. All fold to me and in go my chips. I say to Scott "this could be a bad move" he replies "I am sure you have outs".
He turns over J 7 4 4 (no spades but with 2 hearts)
So I now have his quads covered and am in real good shape to trebble up (almost) and again go on to final table with a decent stack.
But no, that "form" let me down again :( Turn Heart River Heart and I loose to runner runner flush.
I couldnt believe it, but shook Scots hand and said Good luck. He replied "strange pot, you were VERY unlucky and if someone had raised preflop we would of both folded"

So to sum up, "form" must come good soon. I played well and have no regrets about any hands. Indeed the 3 hands that I have mentioned here, I couldnt of played them any better I think.
Slovenia was not good for money wise, but met some good people and enjoyed the poker.
A special mention to Derek (Old King Cole) who was a true gent and great company. Derek had 2 final table appearances so well done Derek!!

Thats it for the Slovenia report, next event is the Luton Xmas Cracker. I am playing the £2000 omaha and the £500 double chance. Not sure about the £750 main event yet.

Lets hope that I can get a little "form" here

Report to follow..........


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