Thursday, July 27, 2006


Well here at last, but sadly alone (long story, but with 6 kids, babysitters are hard to come by).

Nightmare start. My flight was at 10.45am from Gatwick (Virgin Direct to Vegas), and as it takes approx 2hrs from Cambridge I left at 5.30am. Did not sleep the night before hoping to sleep on the plane.

All was going well, travelling down the M11 , satnav says eta of 7.15) then announcement on the Radio, "M11 southbound closed" Hmmmmm great.

Sure enough it was. 60 mile diversion which went through lots of road works. Finally got to the M25 and wanting to go east, but no, the eastbound join was also closed!! So that meant a 30 mile round trip the wrong way round the M25 - and yep you guessed it, the WHOLE 30 miles was roadworks (15mph at most!!). So now the satnac has eta of 9.15am and getting later all the time. Not the best of times to be on M25 and indeed I did not reach Gatwick till 10.05!!!! Had not phoned home and no time to do so

So there was me, running to checkin only to find a queue of around 300 people. With only 35 minutes before my flight leaves I just walk right to the front of the Queue and check in (dirty looks all round but who cares!)

Through security, I see my gate number of 36 - and also see Gate 36 is closing!!! The board says leave 20 minutes to get to gate 36. 20 minutes?!?!? OMG!!! So off I run again. Just making it onto the plane. Now I knew Charmaine would be worried, but nothing I could do about it, just had to hope she realised I got onto the plane. Would phone as soon as I landed in Vegas

So, covered in sweat, no smoke for the last 1.5hrs and a journey of 10 hours ahead, I settle into my seat with my DVD player and the films I had put onto dvd that morning. I plug my dvd power lead in and look for the electric point but cannot find one. I ask someone who tells me that only business class have electric points. So that meant no DVD's to watch :(

An hour went by and we had not moved, aparantly there was a problem with the baggage so I need not have ran at all.

Finally got away only to have an extra 2 hours added to the flight time to avoid bad weather. I slept on and off but managed to see some of the spectacular views when approaching Vegas. As far as you could see, there was nothning, absolutely nothing!! Baron mountainous wasteland, with the odd lake, surrounded with golf courses and houses.

Landed at Vegas, got to the immigration desk and as I was at the back of the plane, I was at the back of the queue!! 1 hour later, with only 30 odd people infront of me, the electric goes in the airport. Takes around an hour for the immigration computers to get back online. Finally collect my bags and I have to say the immigration at Vegas was superb, no need to unpack any of my items (unlike Reno last year) and I stepped outside and boy!! What a shock!! Now I knew it was hot here, but just didnt realise just how hot! It was litterally like standing infront of an oven with the door open. Tried to phone home on my mobile but for some reason it wasnt working, although I did manage to send a TXT so that made me feel better knowing that Charmaine would now know I was ok. Got taxi to The Orleans, got the internet working and phoned home. Was great to hear her voice - travelling alone does get very lonely especially when you have left your family at home.

I visited the Belagio and watched the likes of Phil Ivey, Tod Brunson, Barry Greinstein playing high limit cash. Then onto Ceasers to play the $100 (with one $100 rebuy) comp as I was told it was the best value tourney in Vegas.
Well, best value? I doubt it. Although at first it seemed great value as you start with 1500 but with the rebuy made it 4500 chips. The blinds was what killed the game 25 50 : 50 100 : 100 200 (with 25 ante) : 200 400 (with 50 ante) : 400 800 (with 100 ante).
300 people enterd which made for a tasty prize pool and I was surviving nicely until the blinds reached 400 800 and with only 7000 chips had one move. This was working ok until i lost a race with AQ vs 99.

Bumped into many people here, not been to The Rio yet, but plan to go there Friday.

Thats all for now..........


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