Wednesday, August 16, 2006

With the $1800...........

I noticed that there was a $10,000 tourney at The Belagio which gave 20,000 chips and a 90 minute clock - first was almost $1million. I so wanted to play this, but the $10k was out of my bankroll.
There were 2 super sats and I decided to give these a go. Missed the first one, so with one chance left, I paid my $1000 and entered the super sat. With close to 350 entrants there were 30odd seats up for grabs.

3000 starting stack and 40 minute clock - you had to have a good start.
I started ok, but with no hands to mention, was just surviving. With 45 left and the blinds going up, I had less than 7xBB (and with a running ante) I had to make a move BEFORE I was BB again.

Well a guy in early position raises 3xBB and is called by the chip leader. I look down and find pocket 9's. I felt I was probably behind, or racing at best but with me being BB very soon, I felt I couldnt pass and pushed all in. The guy next to me called my all in. So did the other 2.

So with a chance to quad up, I had to win this hand and I knew I would get my $10,000 seat.
Flop came 10 6 2 rainbow.
Both the origional raiser and the caller checked - I felt I was almost certainly ahead. But then the guy to my left says "all in" and I knew I was behind.
The other two passed and he flips over JJ
"Just one time" i was syaying to myself "please give me a 9"
But alas, no 9 came and I was out.

After this, i was totally pokered out and was ready to come home, but still had 4 days left


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