Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Day 2 WSOP

Well day 2 did not go as smooth as day 1. By that I mean I was totally relaxed and focused for day 1. Day 2 was a different story.

Although I was still focused, I was a little flustered. When I arrived at The Rio, I had forgot what my new table number was, so it was a case of walking around to try and "jog" my memory. After approx 15 minutes, I remembered where I was sitting. I went to the table, sat down, showed my ID and proceeded to tear open the bag. "Stop" said the dealer, "I need to see your blue receipt card first" "What blue receipt card?" I said. "The one you got at the end of day 1" he replied.
SHIT, I couldnt remember what I had done with it, and I was not allowed to open my bag of chips without it. 1 minute before "shuffle up and deal" and I still could not find this damn receipt card. Now I was panicing, but the TD came over and said "Have you seen any ID?" "OK that is good enough"
"Phew" and I opened my bag of just under15000 chips and was now ready to play.
I had it in my mind that I wanted to get off to a fast start, I was going to call raises with any 2 suited/connecting cards and if I hit a draw, I was gonna push all in.
Well after 3 or 4 raises called, I missed every flop and soon found myself down to 11k - not the start I wanted.
After about 4 hours, still on the same chips and the blinds now increasing, I told myself that any pair and I was pushing all in (regardless of any raise infront of me).
Well this one hand sticks in my mind, I was on the button and a loose player makes a standard raise in mid position, and the guy next to them also called the raise (3000 from memory). I am saying to myself "any pair and I am pushing". I look down to see a 2, "no" I thought, please dont let me see another 2. I did not want to push with a pair of 2's but knew I would be tempted. I squeezed the other card and sure enough it was another 2.
I pondered for a while, counted out my chips, not sure of weather to push or not. But in the end decided to fold. When the SB then re raised to 9000 I was feeling better about the fold. And felt sure I had made the correct decision when the BB then re raised all in for 35000. The origional raiser and caller both passed but the SB called the all in. On their backs was AA and KK - The AA held up.
I was feeling so good about not pushing all in for my remaining 11000 but then came the flop - I could of died :(
10 2 2 - I would of flopped quads and would have been on close to 40,000 chips.
The next hand of note was my exit hand. It was the very next hand i was on the button and the same player who had made a 3000 raise before, made the same raise again. No one else called and I look down to find AA.
Excellent!! I went through EXACTLY the same routine I had on the round before, counting my chips, looking like I didnt know what to do. Then after 4 minutes or so - I pushed all my chips in.
All folded to the origional raiser - who convinced himself I didnt have a hand and said "this is a loose call, but i call" That was all I needed to hear and proudly turned over my Aces. Hoping to see them have A9 or something similar, but no, they had Q 7 of diamonds.
I got that "oh no" feeling when I saw both of his cards were diamonds.
Please please black flop - i thought.
Flop came with 2 diamonds :(
I was up and out of my chair - I knew it was coming.
The turn came 7
I could see a river also being a 7, but it was the J diamonds and my WSOP was over.

The TV crew was at my table as the chip leader was also there, and they filmed my exit , with TV camera in my face which followed me out of the hall. No idea weather it will make the TV and quite honestly, I am not bothered either way.

Those two hands, although I feel I played them correctly were my demise. Had I have played those two hands wrong, I would of been probably of 60,000 and very healthy to make day 3.

All in all I enjoyed the WSOP main event and found the structure to be excellent - ROLL ON NEXT YEAR!!!!


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