Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The journey home...........

When in Reno two years ago, I stayed awake the night before my flight, slept all the way home and after one day I was back into UK time.
With the same plan in mind I againd stayed awake the night before.
Taxi to the airport at 12 noon and my flight was at 4pm.

Got to the airport to hear that my flight was delayed for 8 hours!!!!!

With only one shop open at the airport, it was gonna be a long 8 hours. Determined not to sleep, I met up with Pab (Paul) and Gee (Dave) and we discussed various poker hands.

Finally boarded the plane, managed some sleep but not as much as I had hoped for. Finally landed at Gatwick at around 5pm.
By the time we got the bags, it was 6pm
I now had to drive to Hemsbey (North Norfolk Coast) to pick up the family who had been on holiday there.
After the 2 days I had had, this was a LONG drive, and after loading the car up, it was time to drive back home to Cambridge.
Finally arrived home at around 12 midnight - totally shattered , I thought I would sleep for ages, but was suprised when I woke up at 2am :(

It is now 4 days I have been home and I am still suffering badly from Jetlag.
Hopefully it wont be long now.

Off to the DTD party friday night so looking foward to that.

Have not played any poker since my return, but am going to try and qualify for Aruba - havent tried as yet as I thought it was "taking the piss" on my family - but the good wife has convinced me to give it a try.

Hopefully the next Blog will be from Aruba!!!


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