Sunday, February 11, 2007

January 2007

Well the new years resolution is now in swing (well almost, but more on that later)

I have concentrated on cash games, playing 4 tables of 50c $1 but soon moved to $1 $2.

Results for first 4 weeks :

Week 1 : +£386
Week 2 : +£50
Week 3 : +£300
Week 4 : -£1030

Eeeeek at week 4!!!! What happened was that DTD had an influx of LAG scandies, so I found myself with at least 3 (and more often than not , 5) at each table.
After a week of trying various tactics, I just could not beat them, so I decided to give the cash a break for a day or two and play some tourneys.

Played the £15k and £40k on DTD, making 2 final tables from 4 in the £15k but only small cashes, although in the £40k i had the chip lead with 90 left and managed to blow it.

I also played live at Luton in the £75 f/o making final table, but again, only a low finish.
Have tried real hard to qualify for GUKPT in Walsall, but failed so it will have to be the next one for me. As to weather I will try and qualify or buy in direct, it depends on the cash results.

I am going to get some tutoring from a well known winning N/L cash player real soon, which should boost the results.

Oh, one other MTT played in January was the DTD new sign up freeroll, where I again managed to final table, but missed out on the money.

Seems to be a problem of late in MTT's - making final tables but not getting the job done.


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