Thursday, December 28, 2006

£150 f/o at Stanleys

Wanted to go and play the £75 f/o at Luton on Boxing Day, but also wanted to spend time with the Family (Well it is Christmas!). With 2 hours to make my mind up, I did the decent thing and poured a "large" glass of Vodka/RedBull - making my mind up for me.

So, with a £150 f/o at Stanleys the next day, decided to give this a bash.

Having never been to Stanleys, I did not know what to expect.

Was I in for a disapointment. Max of 6 tables AND SELF DEAL!! Had I of known this, I would not even considered going. I dont think I will be going back anytime soon either.

So with 40 players (the prize pool said 39, but thats another point) it was a 10,000 point comp with 30 min blinds.

I eventually wnet out 11th with a push from UTG with JJ , but the BB called over half his stack with KQ and duly hit.

On the online front, I have managed to gain 500+ MPP's on DTD poker (As well as the Rake back, this ALSO gives me £10 credit to use in DTD live club. 0.02p per MPP) with relative ease (2 x 3 hour sessions) showing a small loss but it is early days. I am still keen to carry out my "plan" for my poker in the new year.


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