Sunday, March 11, 2007

Sky Poker on 846!!

Well I managed to "blag" an invite onto Shy Poker 846. It is Sky's new Poker show where they have their "Open" tournament live on TV. (Thanks Mr Kendall!)

Filmed in a green studio, with computer graphics added. Absolutely amazing technology!

Well I set off to arrive at the studio for 6pm, but me being me (and the fact that the studio was near the M4) I arrived at around 5pm! They did not seem to mind me getting there early.

I met Sean Boyce (The presenter) and Trevor Harris (The Analyst) who were very friendly and we exchanged a few stories.

I had my make up done - very strange experience and I must say, looked awfull in normal daylight, but was assured that in the studio, it would look ok.

Next to arrive were the two celeb guests, Chris Brooks (Capital 1 DJ) and Scott Robinson (Ex "Five" member). These two were down to earth and a real laugh!

On set at around 8.30 for some rehersals, and shooting the opening scene was hilarious (thanks to Scott). Just as Sean was about to give his opening speech, Scott makes a "blowjob" sign at him which sent Sean into histerics. To be fair to Sean, he managed to recover - god knows how!! I had tears streaming from my face!

9pm soon came around and it was time to go "live". Although I was not nervous at all, I was a little apprehensive as I am usually a very quiet and withdrawn type so I was not sure how this would come accross on the TV.

Back to the Poker, it is a £10 freezeout and with just over 550 runners is quite a big field. Add to this the structure of 1500 starting chips and VERY fast blind increases (after one hour, blinds are 200 400) you have to either get lucky early on, or bully your way to a manageable stack. I managed to do the later,, and the former!

I am trying to bully the two short stacks behind me and decide to raise with A 10 o/s (see right) and make it 2000 preflop. Unfortunately I run into A J who moves all in for another 300 odd which I call.

Flop does not look too exciting, but then the turn brings me some more outs and then that miracle river giving me the straight flush! What a luck box! lol

From here I managed to progress into the money , but then the luck I had on that straight flush hand came back to bite me on the arse! I am in the BB with KK (roughly 10,000 chips) and it is folded round to the SB who pushes for 11k. I call and they have A 5.

No, the ace does not hit, but the get runner runner for a straight and I am out.

Pleased with the way I played in the tourney and then I am entered into a "Celeb" sit and go which I also manage to win!

I would like to thank Tony Kendall (who got me the invite) and the Sky poker team (who were fabulous). It was a wonderfull experience and one I would be more than happy to do again.

If any of you get an invite, jump at it! You will have a blast, trust me!!


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