Saturday, March 10, 2007

APAT Welsh Championship

Staff at Cardiff did a wonderfull job

Many many thanks Sean who gave a bottle of Bubbly as a consolation prize for the bubble boy - Yes it was me

Brendan looked so upset at his 14th place finish - VWD Brendan.

I met a few new faces there, and I must make a special mention to James - aka sofaking . What a top bloke he is!!!!! So unlucky to exit in hand 3 wasnt it??

Kev, I let you win that STT - just being nice to you lol

The tourney was a great success, maybe the clock/blinds could of been better, but I am not knocking APAT at all - it is soooo hard to organise a tourney and they have done a great job.
From 32 places left, it did end up a little bit hit and miss as the average stack had 10xBB - just a comment, and not meant as a critisism.
The standard was again poor which made th first few levels a minefield where you HAD to hit the flop and hit it hard as not many would put down top pair no matter how much you bet. I sat out the first 4 levels and had blinded down to 7500. Managed to quickly get to 20k (as the blinds were 200 400) and then to a comfortable 40k, then 91k (with 9 4 in the BB when I turned 2 pair against the guy with top pair).
32 returned and with 22 getting paid it was going to be tough. Sherrif had 80k and did not manage to make the money. I had 62k and struggled. Finally took a stand (36500) UTG when blinds had got to 6000 12000 with A 5 suited. Got an all in re raise from late position to 80k and the BB woke up with a hand and asked for a chip count of the 2nd all in. By this time I had left the table and stood watching from a distance. When the BB took 5 minutes to decide to call, I wondered back over to the table. The re raise all in guy turned over K 5 o/s and I suddenly felt a bit more confident, until the BB (the guy who took 5 minutes to call) turns over Aces!!!!
He was not slow rolling, he was honestly thinking of passing for fear of being the bubble boy. He need not have worried as his Aces held up.
All in all very pleased with my play, disapointed to be bubble, but ................. what a fantastic weekend away.


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