Thursday, March 15, 2007

Form at Luton continues..............

Last night I visited Luton for the £50 one rebuy OR add on comp. The comp was 5000 chips and the rebuy/add on was 5000.
This was cut to 4000 and 4000.
I had a shaky start , dropping down to 2000 quite early on. It was at this point I decided to take my rebuy giving me 6000 chips.
I managed to survive until the first break and finished on circa 9000.
Steady poker ensued until 2 tables left when I put in quite a few re raises and took my chip stack to over average by the time I hit the final table.
Final table started off quite tight, that was until one person went out, then people started dropping like flies.
On the final table was TK, he was such a card rack, getting Aces 4 times (that he showed) as well as many other premium hands.
With 5 players left, he had well over 60% of the chips in play and was using this monster stack very well. Most seemed reluctant to challenge him, so I took on the role and managed to double up twice through him.
With 4 left he still had a commanding chip lead, but within 3 hands, he was gone in 4th place!
A very sick hand when he held Q J and flopped the nuts ( A K 10). With the other guy holding Aces all the money went in on a blank turn, only for a 10 to appear on the river. This was followed by 2 races lost and out he went.
With 3 left, blinds were 6000 12000. I had 56k and was against circa 250k and 150k stacks. The chip leader is minted and the 2nd chip leader won over £500k on the lottery a few weeks back.
The prize money was £1800 for 1st, £950 for 2nd and £540 for third.
Chip leader suggests that me and the other guy take £1000 and he takes the rest.
They both agree and although I do not like doing deals, some deals are just too good to turn down.
So with the deal agreed, it was down to one hand all in to decide the placings. I won that so it chalks up as my 2nd win at Luton.
6 visits there now (since they moved) with 4 final tables, 2 wins and a 2nd.
With this good run of form, I have decided to buy into GUKPT in Cardiff next week - hopefully the good run will continue there.........


Blogger snoopy1239 said...

Congrats, Paul. Keep it up.

9:50 PM  
Blogger M3boy's Poker Blog said...

Tx Snoops

Been a long time coming

3:26 AM  

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