Monday, June 25, 2007

$150 p/l Omaha 8

Well first of all, the walk from El Cortez to Binnions takes about 5 minutes - I felt very safe.

Over 200 for this comp which was a good turnout, 30 minute clock but with only 4000 I felt it was important to get off to a good start.

I had only bumped into NoFlops in Binnions, and when I get to my table, who do I find? Yep NoFlops!!!

What are the odds of that! lol

Well not much to say about the comp, I never hit a single flop and busted just before the first break.

Tomorrow is the $200 limit tourney.

I did play a little cash - in Binnions just to pass the time away, it was only a $1 $3 limit game but what fun.

Made more so as it was "spread" limit - wtf is that all about? lol

I did manage to make a few $'s before hitting the Bed early.

Again, coming here I have had no trouble adjusting to the time zone, but I hope that when I get home, I adjust back to UK time alot quicker than last year!


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