Friday, June 08, 2007

Lazy Me

Where do I start?

Well I started to write down headlines of the stories I wanted to post on my blog. This "list" of headlines got to about 15 from memory thinking "I will do it later".

Later never seems to happen though. Running your own business, having a family AND playing poker does not leave much time. Consequently, my blog has not been updated for a while.

As for that "list" , some of the items are almost 3 months old now and I feel that they are probably left unsaid.

So, whats been happening with me? Well I am still playing live and online cash, with a few online tourneys. The live scene has not been happening for a month or so, usual of getting above average stack with 2 tables left and pushing for a BIG stack to take to the final and running into some "dubious" calls leaving me out just before the money. Most of these tourneys I could of got to the final table no trouble, but would of had a below average stack - which is not what I am looking for.

Having said that Mr Moves told me of a little tourney in AKMK (google for it you will find it). It was a £125 f/o with £3k guaranteed. The field was obviously small , 30 from memory and paying top 5. Ist was still £1500 so not to be sniffed at. I managed to final and progress to the last 3 where I ran into 10 10. £500 for 3rd was not too bad though. The cash action was real good though, a 50p £1 4 card omaha game. Although the blinds were small this did not deter from big pots. I sat with £100 and proceeded to do this in 2 hands! lol. So I pull another £300. I get involved with Mr Moves (who had similar stack) where I flop the nut str8 and have a redraw for the higher str8. We get it all in. Mr Moves had top 2 and a str8 draw. He filled up on the turn so that left me £400 down after about an hour! I pull another £100 and finally after 3 hours I leave with £480. I have to mention the club again. It is on an industrial estate but dont let that put you off. They look after you really well and it is dealer dealt. For anyone who is reading this and was there "I'll have a pint of fairy liquid please lol"

Back to poker, and online things have not been good over the last 5 weeks. I have dropped a shed load playing £1 £2 n/l. No bad beat stories here but some of the hands are absolute shockers. It has been a combination of cold decks, missed big draws and idiots calling and hitting with rubbish. The last 3 sessions have been £300 to the good, but I have a LONG way to go to recover the losses for the last 5 weeks!

Online I have cashed in a few tourneys (probably 50% as I have not played many) but no real cashes to note.

Plans for the coming month? Well I had planned to goto Vegas for the Binnions tourneys, from 18th June to 6th July but this looks doubtfull now. I have not given up yet though, still just over a week to find a good score. I am going to try and win a WSOP package online - where they pay you the cash. Hopefully will make it.

I have spoken to alot of people who seem to be struggling online, I think the game has changed alot in the last 4 years or so - I used to make money purely by playing tourneys, I do not think this is possible anymore and is a view shared by many.

Live cash I am getting into Dealers choice. These games are very juicy and you can turn £100 into a £1000 in a night with the right hands. Super stud is becoming one of my favorite games to play atm.

Anyway, enough ramblings. Hopefully I can do another update within the next 3 months! lol


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