Sunday, June 24, 2007

Greetings from Vegas!!

Arrived in Vegas safe and sound, but not without a few hickups along the way.
I managed to talk my step dad into meeting me at my house at 5am to take me to Heathrow. We took my car and the drive down was smooth - unlike last year when I almost missed my flight!!

I check in with 2 hours to spare and decide to get some breakfast. Phone rings, its my step dad, he is on the M25 and has a puncture! In the side wall aswell so no chance of a repair - thats gonna cost me £90. Good start!

Flight to Miami went without a hitch, some sleep and 8 hours later I arrive in Miami. I have to collect my suitcase and here is where the problem starts. I have no idea where to go as I have to give them my suitcase for the next flight but my flight is not for another 6 hours!!!! The only desks I can see are for checking in, which is not want I need to do as my bags were already checked in at Heathrow for Las Vegas.

Finally find someone who tells me I need to give my suitcase to a person at checkpoint 4, which I do but the man just takes it and doesnot come back! I am unconvinced that my bag will make the next plane journey, but Fuck it, I didnt care! lol

So with 6 hours to kill I am boored shitless, cant smoke in the airport and have to go outside which is 36c - hot hot hot!

With 2 hours left, I decide to go through the security, as long as I can smoke somewhere in there. I ask the bloke on the gate and he says "yes you can smoke" so I join the que, belt off , shoes off, coins etc... into a box to be screened. All is well until I get through and you cant smoke!!! Bollox!! So with an up and coming 5 hour flight, I have another 2 hours when I cant smoke!!! I decide that I cant be bothered to go back through the security check to go outside for a smoke.

The flight was cramped, no food, no tv and I couldnt sleep, sooo booring!!! Also was 30 minutes delayed. I can honestly say that was the worse flight I have been on. Finally get to Vegas and collect my bag (phew!) and outside for a smoke, its 11.30pm and now I face a 300+ queue for Taxi's :(

Goto Orleans and meet Pab( he is letting me stay that night as I didnt check in to my Hotel until the next day), have a beer or two with him and he goes to bed, I go and play the cash game, was planning just an hour or so, but turned into a marrathon session until 3pm the next day!! So I didnt need Pab's room to sleep! lol.

So, now I am nackered, and get a taxi to Hotel and have a problem with check in cos I paid with Mums CC and they want to see the CC, even though I phoned to make sure it was ok. They would not let me check in!! I am not in the best of moods and start shouting. I am escorted to security :( . Eventually I am allowed to check in, until Monday that is when the Manager comes in to try to sort things out.

Room is VERY nice, as big as the rooms at The Orleans and for a fracture of the price, only $568 for 2 weeks - cant go wrong. I would recomend El Cortez to anyone. Food is good and cheap. Have not ventured out yet, but am going to after posting this as I am off to Binions for the $150 p/l omaha 8. I am told it is just a 10 minute walk and aparantly safe even at night!

Off now, hopefully next entry will be good news about a result in the p/l omaha 8 :)


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