Tuesday, June 26, 2007

$200 limit tourney

Well it was my 2nd tourney today, the $200 limit holdem. Yes I said "Limit" lol

Not my choice of tourneys really, but worth a crack.

140 runners with 30 min clock and 5000 starting stack. 1st was gonna be $7k and paying 14 places

First break came and we were down to 139, I had just above average stack, and stayed there until aprox 70 left. Then it all went wrong. I had 10 J 3 times and ended up doing 3xbb on all three ocasions as the flop came A K x or A Q x. This leeft me short, which was disapointing after playing well for 5 hours. Final hand was a stand in the BB - I did get 5 way action so I would of been right back in it had I of won that hand, but it wasnt to be.

So 2 tourneys down and no cash yet :(

Tomorrow is the $150 limit omaha 8


Blogger Alex Martin said...

gl rock.


4:42 PM  
Blogger M3boy's Poker Blog said...

Cheers m8

I am 2 tourneys down in my blog, but a sneak prievew, event 4 (The $100 stud hi lo) I chopped it for a nice return ;)

1:23 AM  

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