Saturday, July 07, 2007

$1000 p/l omaha

A relatively small field of 123 for this event. I suppose the buy in was a little stiff for the "downtown" croud. Although it did bring in a few "named" players. I spotted Mark Goodwin, Jonny Houston, Michael Greco, and I an Woodley - there may of been others but I was fully focused on this one!

I got off to a slow start, never getting above my 20,000 starting stack in the first 3 levels. The next 3 levels saw me miss some big draws to leave me down to 12k.

Mark goodwin was moved to our table, sitting 2 to my right I found it very tricky due to his aggression. Anyway, he was going on nicely then lost a HUGE pot to a guy hitting a miracle river.

This seemed to upset him somewhat and his game changed. I took the oppotunity pre flop to get it all in against him - which he obliged and although I was not a big favorite, my hand stood up and I was on almost 30k.

I continued to climb to 70k at the dinner break and with 3 tables left, I was sitting above average and deep into another tourney again!

One Time! I kept telling myself, One time!!

On my return from dinner, I saw Ian Woodley, he was still in sitting on just over 30k. I was tempted to offer him a savor of 10% but changed my mind. This was to proove costly :(

Things once again started to go wrong and I dropped 20k quite quickly, while Ian had doubled up.

With 17 left, I was dealt Qh Qd 8d 9h and raised preflop. I got one caller, this French guy who was ultra aggressive. He had just won a massive 300k pot by hitting a one outer after pulling of a super move. He was invloved in a pot with this guy who had approx 140k. There had been action pre and post flop on a 5 5 7 board. It went crazy when the turn came a 2. The frenchman bet pot, the other guy re raised pot and the frenchman moved all in. The guy took an eternity to call but eventually did holding just the 5 with no redraw (cept the FH draw of course). The Frenchman announced "good call" "I just have the 7. So cards on their back and one guy says "you only have one out, I passed a 7"
Sure enough the river came the case 7!!

Anyway, back to my hand. Qh Qd 8d 9h

Flop came 10h Jh 2c. I was first to act and I knew if I checked, he would bet the pot, THEN I could move all in. So I checked.

He bet the pot and I moved all in. After about a minute, the Frenchman says "I am on a draw" " I Call"

He was indeed on a draw, the nut flush draw, so I was ahead and had plenty of redraw outs.
The turn came a blank, the river,,,, yep an Ace.

So so so gutted over this one.

ANOTHER comp well played and deep, but with no cash :(

SO back to that saver I was going to offer Ian Woodley, well I should have, he went on to make the final table and chop it 4 ways for a nice tidy cash.


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