Saturday, July 07, 2007

$150 nlh

MASSIVE 498 turnout for this event! Giving a nice little payday for the winner for such a small outlay.

I managed to double up very early on, thanks to some real bad play on my starting table and stayed way above average until 70 odd left, then it all went wrong.

A few mistimed steals/re steals saw me drop below average for the first time in the day. My final hand was KK vs AQ - a big call from the AQ I thought. I raised from late position, the BB re raised and I shoved for the rest of my stack. He called off 80% of his stack and caught the Ace.

That was the end of that comp. I was very disapointed to finish here as I was playing really well all tourney.

Tomorrow is the $1000 p/l omaha tourney.


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