Saturday, July 07, 2007

The 2nd $500 tourney

Better preparation for this one - I arrived with an hour to spare! lol

I was expecting alot of people for this and was suprised with just under 200 runners.

Mr Moves, and his pal were also playing this.

Got drawn on Mr Moves table - who doubled up quite early on. Then after drifting back down to 15k, he made a mistimed move and lost all but 1000 chips :(

Myself got off to a slow start gradually adding to my initial stack of 10k. I continued to play well again and down to 3 tables I had an average stack then went card dead. There was one person on my table who was obviously inexperienced and only had 2 moves. All in or fold - regardless of how many chips he had. It was commented on by another player at the table by saying "cant you play poker?" which I found a little out of order, but maybe he was trying to "rattle" him.

Anyway, this guy had shoved on me a few times and I also found it annoying.

There was one guy to my right who was chipped up and obviously a good player. We were in a blind on blind stiuation and I had 7 4. We both saw a flop of 8 9 10. I checked to him and he made an oversize pot bet, which I then shoved. I was a little nervous when he announced call, but was relieved to see him have 7 3 lol. CHOP "Proper poker" he commented.

So down to 26 players with top 18 getting paid, I find AQ in late position and raise. The "one move" charlie then goes all in, and I called (he had me covered). I had 38k at this time so was a big big call but I wanted to win, not just place.

To my dismay he flipped AK and I was drawing pretty thin on a blank flop, but the turn was a Q and I doubled up. This left the guy on approx 35k.

With blinds at 2000 4000 with a 200 ante I find 10 10 in late position and again raise, the same guy then shoves and I insta call. He flips KK and i loose the chips back to him I had just gained.

I was a little annoyed that I did not even consider the re raise size, I was playing "personal" poker - something I had not been guilty of before in any tourney at Binions. I am not sure that I would of passed anyway, but I was annoyed that I had not even considered anything!!

This then left me 40k again and after card dead, with no oppotunities to make moves either, 2 rounds later saw me VERY short with just 23k.

I had the BB of 4000 and a guy in early position raises to 12k. All fold to me and I again look down to find 10 10.

THIS time I gave alot of thought as to what to do. It was only 11k move if I shoved and I could not see him folding. My thought process was : 1) fold and shove first on another hand or 2) call the raise and shove on any non A board. I could not make up my mind what to do - a clock was called and I eventually went for option 2 - just call and shove my last 11k on a non Ace board.

Well the board came K J 5 - and I shoved. He called with AJ and I was out.

Again disapointed to go out so deep, but again pleased with how I played, apart from the 10 10 hand mentioned above where I called the all in without any thought process.

A mention to Mr Moves Pal (Cant remember his name) who I believe took this one down for $20k!! VERY WELL DONE!

I have a couple of other stories of the cash sessions I had, but will post them tomorrow.

Hope you have enjoyed the read.

I have no regrets of playing Binions instead of a couple of the wsop events, none whatsoever.

The tourneys were excellently ran, the staff were fantastic.

And, babysitter possible, I will be back for the 2nd Binions Annual Classic next year - with Charmaine ;)


Blogger Poker Angel said...

Great read and some great results. I enjoyed their set up at Binions too.

Ohh... my mates name: Damien

Known from now on as the 10k wonder horse!

12:05 PM  
Blogger M3boy's Poker Blog said...

Cheers Paul.

Deep in most tournaments I played with good chips as well, just could not get that final hand to hold up to take me to Final Table with good chips :(

Oh well, next year ;)

12:29 PM  

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