Saturday, July 07, 2007

The first $500 tourney

Over 200 runners for this event, and I got up late, VERY late!!

The comp started at 2pm, I had set my alarm for 12.30.

Not a good alarm, I slept through it and woke up at 5 to 2!!!!

So a quick shower, change and off the Binnions. I arrived at 2.40 and joined in.

Not much of my 10k starting stack had gone and it was down to business. Although arriving late, and not my usual "relaxed" preparation, I felt good and focused.

Again I played VERY well and stayed above average stack right the way through. Then disaster struck :(

Down to 79 , Av around the 24k mark and I have dropped to 18500 and have 55 on the BB (Blinds 600 1200 with 100 ante)

Serial raiser raises to 3200, small stack goes all in for 3000 and I think of putting a BIG raise here to try and take on the short stack myself, but change my mind and flat call.

I checked dark and didnt even watch the flop, I just heard the guy say "5000"

I look up and see a flop of 8 5 8 - BINGO!!


He calls, so pot is 40k+

He has AA

Turn A

River - just to make sure - is an 8

Gutted with that one!! With him just having 4 outs on that flop and hitting 2 of them :(

Just wasnt to be


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