Saturday, July 07, 2007

Day off Monday - wel that was the plan!

Monday was going to be my day off with only the $150 limit tourney going on.

I did not play the Limit tourney but found myself in Binnions at 7pm. They were running STT's for a seat into the $500 events and going on the standard of play from what I had seen, I thought this would be a cheap way of getting in, so I signed up for one.

I was waiting over an hour for this STT to get going when they announced the start of their nightly $70 + one $40 rebuy tourney.

Sick as I am I decided to pull from the STT and play this while I was waiting.

Well wait I did, and wait and wait lol - I did not need to play a STT as I again went deep into this comp. WIth 20 left and only 10 being paid, I had 11k. That final 2 tables was the easiest tavle I have ever played on. I stole and restole my way to take 85k to the final table! I even had the button (on my BB) saying "I should raise with this hand, but I know if I do, you will shove" lol - how good do you ever want it? :)

Well the final table didnt last too long as the blinds were HUGE! It was eventually chopped 7 ways for over 3rd place money of just over $900.


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