Sunday, August 26, 2007

APAT Luton event

First off, I know MANY people read my blog, so why not make a comment on a thread? You are allowed you know! lol

Anyway, off to Luton to play in the APAT event and I am drawn in Day 1a. 150 runners, 10000 chips and a 40 minute clock. I have played 2 of these events before, the first one in Newcastle and I was unsure of what to expect as these are aimed at amatuer players. I was more prepared in this respect in my 2nd one in Cardiff (where I was official bubble boy)

My starting table was a good one and only took me a round or two to work out that there were a couple of calling stations, a couple of total rocks and a couple of "in my opinion" players who knew what they were doing(ie could see betting patterns). This was a nice change to a table of calling stations.

I got off to a good start quickly moving to 16000 where I entered a race with AK for 6000 vs a short stack who had 77 and I lost the race. I soon recovered back to 18000 when :

One hand in particular occured. I am on the button with 55 and there are a couple of limpers, I notice one of the rocks (in the BB) look at his cards and really like them, so I limp as well. The SB folds and sure enough the BB makes it 500 (blinds 50 100). All folded to me so I decide to see a flop and hopefully see a 5. Sure enough the flop came 8 5 3. He bets out 1000 and I call. Turn card is a 10. Again he bets out 1000 and again I call. River is a 3. Bad card for me as I do not think he will pay me off for his whole stack now for fear of me having a 3. He bets out 1500 and I make it 5000, after a while he duly calls and turns over KK. So he is now down to 4000 odd.

A little later he enters another pot from UTG with a 500 raise - must be Aces this time I think and I have 7 9 o/s, but with 27000 at the time, I decide to call on the button.
Flop 3 7 9, this time when he bets I raise enough to put him all in, sure enough he calls, sure enough he has AA and he gets no help. Poor lad, I did actually feel a bit sorry for him but he seemed to take it well.

With 4 tables left, I had been open raising with almost any two cards and taking blinds uncontested. I had just had to lay down to 2 re raises when I find KK and open raise again. This time the BB flat calls leaving himself 14000 behind. I know he is shoving on any flop and I know I am calling - even if an Ace hits. Sure enough on a Q high flop he shoves and I call. He has 8 6. I like his play but he really didnt have enough chips to pull it off, and I also actually had a hand!

Managed to climb upto 44000 and with the average for the end of day 1 looking like being 45000 I was more than happy. With 3 tables left, we are playing the last level of the day(2000 4000) and I saw an incredible call (you can make your own mind up as to what "incredible" means). A guy raises to 12000 on the button (he has 54000 back) and the BB moves all in for 42000 more. The origional raiser calls with A 5 o/s! The shove from the BB had 33 and he spiked an Ace. Like I said "Incredible call"

My table is broken as we reach 30 players and I am on the button (sound familiar? lol) and yes my redraw is straight into the BB!

2 hands later I am on the button and have 32500 and face a 15000 (leaving roughly 30k back) raise from someone I know from online Poker (GI-MAC) . I look down to find QQ. In position I would of liked to flat call here, but know I should shove. Shoving means he calls anyway, flat calling I think he pushes on any flop anyway, so whatever I do, the outcome is the same. All the chips are going into the middle, so I push.

He asks how much the re raise is, and after some deliberation he makes the call and flips A Q o/s. I cannot find myself in a better position to win a 70K+ pot.

The flop is K x J - not again surely? Yep 10 on the turn seals my fate.

I can remember Carlo Citrone on Sky Poker saying "Poker is a game yes, but it can destroy your soul".

That now makes 5 tourneys I have gone VERY deep and in good position only for the poker gods to say "not this time sunny", so Carlo is spot on and my soul is being destroyed.

I must confess, I lost it a little, not at the table, but afterwards at the bar - hopefully I did not upset too many people.

I will however keep ploughing on, I am still playing the best poker I have ever played and that fianl table appearance with good chips can only be right round the corner right?!?

(Dont forget readers, you CAN make comments you know! lol)


Anonymous TE said...

Gordon admitted to me that he over-raised (a mistake) with his AQ and then had to call for the odds..20,000 to win 52,000 once you had pushed.....unlucky. It will come. Next time I will bring my earmuffs lol

4:14 AM  
Blogger M3boy's Poker Blog said...

I totally understand Gordon had to call.
Good luck to him today, I really hope he wins.

5:50 AM  
Anonymous Des said...

Unlucky M3 (bet you hate hearing that), but a big result is only around the corner for you.

6:06 AM  
Blogger M3boy's Poker Blog said...

Thanks Des

We will see

6:33 AM  

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