Thursday, August 23, 2007

£50 one rebuy/one add on at Luton 22/08/07

This comp is one of my favorite comps at Luton, 4000 starting chips with an option to rebuy or add on.
It is a shame it only gets between 30-40 runners, but with The G 's new payout structure, means only 5 get paid so approx £1500 for 1st isnt too shabby.
I came 3rd in this last week and was feeling confident. My starting table was not the easiest (mind you, the standard of this comp at Luton means you are unlikely to find an easy table)
I decided to "go for it" right from the start, running over the table.
My first raise UTG was with JJ, Lali (sp) flat calls and Alex Martin is on the button and re pops it. Back on me and I re pop it again. Lali folds as does Alex (QQ face up!!) ;)
I was getting lucky in places it has to be said - including raising UTG+1 with 8h 9h only after Sonny limps UTG blind. Goes back to Sonny who decided to go "all in" blind for 3000. I have 11k at the time and decide to call. I win that hand with the 9 high.
By the end of the 2nd level I have 15k and with the add on I am on 19k.
This is where it went wrong. I lost a few chips in several pots going down to 14k. UTG I find KK and make my usual raise. This time it is folded round to Alex who goes all in. Folded back to me and obv I call. "Oh Shit" says Alex as I turn over my KK - he had 8 9. The flop was good for me, but it then came runner runner 8's - Alex had just over 5k so that was a big hit.
Down to 2 tables and I only have 9k now. UTG I limp with 10c Js. Couple of limpers and Mo is in the BB and wants to raise, I try and look like I am WANTING the raise so I can re raise - he notices this and decides to check. Flop comes A 2 9. Check check check check.
Trun comes 8. M0 bets 2500 and I immediately move all in. Fold fold, then Mo folds showing me AJ - I let him see my 10 J ;)
My BB was uneventfull so now on the SB I am dealt 7h 9h. Snatt makes a raise and it is called behind. I decide to call from the SB and try and take this pot away later (I am pretty sure Snat has pair JJ or QQ).
Flop comes 7 9 10. Now I am not worried about anyone having a straight at this point and the pot is big enough. I bet out half my stack. Snatt smells a rat and passes, the other caller goes all in. A 10 is my hope, but alas he flips over 10 10 and that was the end of that.
I had 15% in Alex who managed to cash for £120.
So off to the DC cash game and I do £150 in the first hand having flopped a complete rap - but miss. So I reload £150 and 2 hands in I get a double up. Things became stagnent then winning a pot, loosing a pot until the last half hour or so where I managed to double up (almost) to £520.
So all in all (even with buying me and Alex a meal) I came out £70 up.
I may go and play the £20 rebuy tonight, although I am not really a fan of this comp, it does have a £5k guarantee.


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